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Mommy Time Out

Thursday, November 19, 2015

In our household, timeouts apply to everyone.  Like a toddler tantrum, I have grown up mommy ones.  Exhaustion causes whining and irritability.  A messy house bring on the frustration.  Being overly "busy" produces harsh words and a mean tone.  These are my triggers and the bad mommy signs that I need a time out.

A little bit ago there was a mix of triggers which resulted in a full blown tantrum and luckily my husband called for time out!  He knew I needed a time out, the kids knew, God knew.  Why do I think that I can function like that?  Without needing to be refreshed.  Without taking time to myself to do something frivolous, unproductive, and completely just for ME.  

On this particular week we had planned a family day, but because the boys happened to be sick, he pushed my little lady and I out of the house for a special girls day.  A day that may have been so simple but one we both will cherish.

I love that man.  A time out away from the house, the chores, work, taking care of everyone. She was so excited, she insisted we get dressed up [because it was a girls day] and went to see the Peanuts.  Every mom and daughter we say at the mall, she would say hey they're having a girls day too!!  We went shopping together and tried on clothes.  Yes we did end up getting matching vests.  This girl cracks me up!  

I let her pick our fancy restaurant.... Chick Fil A and we had a blast for hours. 

I came back to reality feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle the world.  It's as if God knew as well how bottled up I was because the following day's Bible study was spot on talking about my struggles.  That Thursday I cried.  Feeling like a failure as a mom to my very aggressive little man not knowing how to deal with his behavior.  It felt so nice to be encouraged and just let it out. 

I'm no super mom or super wife.  I have a breaking point.  I'm human.  And in those times when I get so overwhelmed, physically and mentally exhausted I call for a time out.  A time out to simply be with God and dig into a good Bible study.  A time out to do something I love like craft or write.  A time out to spend time with just the girls no kids. A time out just for myself.  

Being a parent is no easy job.  It's exhausting raising those little humans.  Sometimes the least selfish thing you can do is to take a time out so you can be the mom or dad that you need to be. Do you ever take a time out?

Really appreciate you stopping by!  Until next time.

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Knit Together Boutique Giveaway

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

There is nothing I love more than an adorable head band or head wrap on a little girl!  Getting the little lady all dolled up with her hair done, a cute outfit, and all the accessories is what makes having a little girl so fun!  She wears it well with all that sass. 

Cookie Fuzell from Knit Together Botique is the talented friend who makes these adorable head wraps.  I just love the name of her shop because it comes from knowing that we were "knit together" by God in our own special way as it says in Psalms 139:13-14. 

Her talent is across the board and she makes each item special.  She crochets adorable beanie's, blankets, sews kimonos for little girls.  Check out her Etsy shop HERE or follow her on Instagram.  The fox beanie is calling my name!  Her stuff is adorable for the little ones but I have to admit I want some for me too.  I just love this wrap.

Or maybe this one!  And now that it's the holiday's there are also holiday themed wraps in the shop. 

She also makes accessories for little men.  A crochet beard to keep them warm, beanies, and little scarfs.

How perfect is this foe winter?

And yes I am one of those mom's who loves when the kiddos match.  She's so silly and he's obviously not amused by the tickles. 

Want one of these cute items for your kiddos?  Well, we are giving one away!  All you have to do is leave a comment with your email telling me what your favorite thing about winter is.  That's it!  Bonus entry for sharing this giveaway on any other social media site.  Just leave a comment with the link. 

Be sure to check out all those cute items in Cookies Shop HERE

Stay warm friends.  Until next time,

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Number One Meal Prep Tip

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

If you know me, you know I'm a little wack-o about prep.  I'll save you from my crazy rant about meal prep and move on to my number one tip about preparing food.  

Here it is... 


Yup it's really that simple.  Just do it.  And let me expand.  Whenever you cook something, just do it, double the recipe and make a batch.  One to freeze and one to eat.  One for lunch and one for dinner.  Pancakes for the week instead of just for the day.  Get the idea?! 

If you're already going to make the mess, why not save yourself the hassle of cooking and dishes for another night?  When I make breakfast, I do a weeks worth.  I make a huge stack of pancakes, or cook up 8 eggs for cheese eggs, a big batch of omelets, 8 jars of overnight oats.  I say go big or go home. 

Then I place them in my little containers, stack them in the fridge and every morning in 30 seconds the kiddos have a nice stack of pancakes to go with their fruit.  

And these take and toss bowls with the lids are the perfect size for meal prep breakfasts, snacks, and fruit.  They only cost 3 bucks and are perfect!!  

Here's a bonus tip.  If you want to know how to make the perfect silver dollar pancake, use a tablespoon!  You get the perfect sized, uniform pancake every single time. 

You have to admit, everything is so much more adorable as a mini.  

Happy eating! 

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Ditching the Mom Guilt

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

  I shared with you our costumes from last year.  I must confess seeing these pictures gave me mom guilt.  Every year I go out of my way to make our costumes.  It's one of my favorite things to do. Other than all the Christmas traditions, making costumes is my thing.  I just love every part of it.

 This year I decided that I was not going to make them.  With being room mom, and field trips, two Halloween parties, pumpkin carving, meetings, a visit and all the rest I knew I would be stretched too thin. It was a shock to everyone who knows me, but it was the right decision.  As hard as it was to say NO, I can see it was a sign of my maturity.  I was telling the hubby the thing he has been telling me for years.  I can't do everything all the time.  

So instead of getting down because I was feeling the mommy guilt, I decided to take this opportunity and turn it into a memorable moment.  Instead of just buying costumes we made a day out of it. We went out to eat and to a few stores to go on the hunt for our our super hero gear.  We finally ended up at Party City.  Can you tell she is excited?

This was the first time she has ever gone costume shopping.  I gave her the honor of choosing the costumes for all of us. Totally her thing because she thinks she's the boss. 

We had a blast trying on different super heros but once we tried them on, she knew.  This crazy little lady didn't care for the pink frou frou or cutesy tutu.  She decided we were going to be the Incredibles.  We have been watching the movie and it's very fitting because I think these people I get to share life with are pretty incredible.  

It's not just about getting the costume or making it.  I'm not just trying to buy her love by buying her things.  It's not about the stuff, it's about the time.  We had the best time together and I know this will be a memory for her as much as having a costume made from me.  Here's what I learned this year... sometimes I think I have to sacrifice my sanity and sleep to do it all.  This is totally a lie because what the  kiddos really want is time and experiences with a very present and not exhausted ME.  It's not about the stuff I can give, it's about giving them myself.  

Happy Fall everyone! 

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Frozen Family Costumes

Monday, October 26, 2015

With all the rush from last year I didn't get to share these fun costumes.  It was the perfect theme for the family.  Frozen had just come out and was huge all over the place.  And of course in a world full of Elsa's my little lady wanted to be Anna.  The little guy made the perfect Olaf! 

His costume was the cutest!  It was also super duper warm and fluffy.  I found the tutorial for this costume HERE.  The only difference was I added some elastic to the bottom and made matching fleece pants. 

I bought a beanie for a dollar at the store and hot glued the felt shapes to make the face.  I put pipe cleaners in the little brown wood pieces to make them stand up. 

The little lady's custom was of course much more intense.  Unfortunately I was just winging it so I don't have a tutorial.  It was worth all the hours and that one sleepless night.  Her face when she saw it was priceless. 

My favorite part was the cape.  It kept her warm but was also super cute! 

She's silly just like Anna.

Mine was probably the easiest.  The only thing I had to make was the headband and the fur trim.  I went to Joanns to buy fur and made wrist bands, trim for my boots, and added some for the headband.  Curious to know how I got the antlers to stay upright in the felt??  Pipe cleaners did the trick! 

It was a great Halloween and we had a blast trick or treating!  I'm really looking forward to this year especially since it will be on a Saturday.  What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Happy Fall everyone! 

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Yummy Apple Cakes

Friday, October 23, 2015

If you're wondering what I did with the insane amount of apples we got from the orchard, I used tons to make apple cakes.  I will not disclose how many of these delicious little mini bundts with a caramel goodness glaze I have eaten, but it's been worth every single bite!

We all have that one pan we only bring out once a year.  For me, that's this pretty one that I use for my yearly apple bundts.  You can find this recipe HERE.  It's simple and delicious!  It always remind me of my lovely cousin Krista because it came from her.

There is nothing better in the fall that apples, baking, and friends over for coffee [or tea].  My friend Liad joined me this year and I how adorable is this mug?  I love what it says.

And this little guy woke up just in time to eat the cakes right out of the oven.  If he could talk, he would tell you they are so good!  Love that happy smile!

He's such a boy and I love watching him eat!

What's your favorite apple recipe?

Happy Fall everyone! 

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Fresh off the Tree

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Some days I am the most random person.  I woke up one weekend with the deepest urge to go apple picking.  It was the perfect fall day and I've never gone before.  I woke up thinking, today is the day I want to try apple picking.  Ha!  After an hour trying to call to make sure the apple orchard was still open we didn't make it [we went to the zoo instead].  BUT my husband being the amazing man that he is, made it happen.

We were suppose to go on a hike but somehow ended up at the apple orchard.  It was chilly but we still had a great time using that tall stick to pick the apples and fill our bag.

Have you ever tried a fresh apple from a tree?  Let me tell you, it is delicious!!!  Fresh, cold, and sweet. 

Did I mention the endless options of apples.  An apple for every taste bud. 

The day was so yummy, but the best part was seeing the kids excitement.  I live for moments like this.  Memory building moments.  I'm a bit of a sentimental sap.  I know they wont be this little again and she won't always look at the world with such excitement and wonder.  These are those times to fill those memories with adventures like this.  

   This little cutie was bouncing all over the place squealing about how she can pick apples for herself from the bushes.  I loved her enthusiasm.  It warmed my heart.  She kept saying best day ever and on the ride home told us "I love our family".  She doesn't realize it now but that was the best compliment a kid could give her parents.  

Sappy rant over.... other than the fun the best part was hitting the bakery afterwards!  So many yummy treats!!  I couldn't decide so I got a little of everything.  I may or may not have eaten both of these desserts.  Which one is your favorite?!  

  Which is your favorite? 

Happy picking! 

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