Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every Christmas Eve for as long as I could remember [since I was about 5] my family has gone to my Tito and Tita's apartment building [aka the rock] for the big Christmas Eve Bash!  It is always a blast and the only times I have not gone is when we were to far to join in on the fun.

Now that I have my own little family, I wanted to start our own little family traditions because I am a traditions kind of a person.  One of those traditions started when Boo Boo was just a 7 months old in my belly. For some reason, on Christmas Eve I decided I had to have Christmas pajamas so I jumped on my sewing machine, found a few scraps of fabric and attached them as a trim to my shorts and embellished a white shirt with a Christmas tree.  Pathetic, I know,  but it came out okay and all that mattered was that I had Christmas pajamas!  [I was showing off my new boots, which were a life saver for my cold swelling preggo feet.]  Oh snow how I missed you so this year!  I can't believe I am actually sharing this picture considering I was all ick, but at least Charlie looked cute in his little Christmas sweater.

This year, I really really really wanted to make Cindy Lynn some super cute Christmas pj's but there was just no time [maybe next year].  I was realistic and as soon as pj's went on sale at target I snagged them!  So, while we were at the rock for Christmas Eve and right before bedtime, my beautiful Boo opened her Christmas Eve gift with me, my brother, and sister's.

There was a little playing with the tissue...

And after some fussing, we put on her first pair of Christmas pajamas!  Aren't they the cutest!!! She looks like such a big girl!

I just love Christmas traditions and Christmas pajamas.  She woke up, we drove home and opened even more gifts!  [the Christmas update will come soonish]. 

If I am actually able to keep this tradition, by the time she is 18 she will have 18 pairs of Christmas pajamas [hehehe].  What are some of your traditions?!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enjoying the Festivities

Just because it doesn't feel like Christmas to me doesn't mean my little Boo Bear isn't enjoying all that the holiday has to offer.  I have done my best to do lots of fun things with her and even start some traditions that we will hold on to for many years, but she is just a baby so I am pretty limited to the amount of activities we can do together.  [I can happily report that my hubby has recieved all of my Christmas boxes and enjoyed the crafts we did together; hand wreath, reindeer, and ornament we made for him].

So, here are Boo Bears Christmas favorites [or the things I have enjoyed with her].  Seeing Santa is of course a tradition.  The only stinky part was she had a fever this day and she wasn't in the mood.  I wasn't up for paying $15 for one picture so this is the best shot I got. 

She didn't enjoy this as much as I did but this was Boo's first time Christmas shopping.

We watched some Christmas favorites... Elf, the Chipmunks, and her favorite [along with her daddy's], the Grinch.  She actually sat through the beginning of this movie and intently watched. 

She shook the presents, but actually, she was more interested in ripping off the shiny bows. 

And Boo Bear even opened her very first gift.  Since we won't be seeing cousin Krista for Christmas or Christmas Eve [sad face], the three of us exchanged gifts yesterday.  At first she was unsure but then she got the hang of it.....
 and she got this really cute cat that runs away from her hehe.  Thanks Krista! 

We only have a few more days left before Christmas [gasp] and I know the two of us will make more memories together.  I just can't wait until she is old enough to fully participate in all the crafting, baking, and festivities!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Nanay

In the midst of all the gift wrapping and Christmas shopping, we celebrated my Grandma's 79th birthday!  It was a surprise party [and she cried with  joy].  My Nanay means a lot to me and all of us in the family.  She is one amazing woman with many talents and a rambunctious personality.

Her cake says it all, she is full of life....

She will tell you that you are never too old to be a little goofy. 

She is kind, welcoming, always willing to help...  and all of us grand kiddos have learned many things from her over the years.

I love my Nanay and if you met her you would too.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Card Bloopers

I have never ever waited so long to send out my Christmas cards or finish up the Christmas shopping!  My indifference is probably caused by the homesick wish oh wish on a falling star that my hubby was here by my side feeling.  I have been debating with myself since December 1st about doing plain cards, picture cards, getting pictures done, blah blah blah and after venting to cousin Krista, I finally decided to kick it in gear and just get them done!

I was planning on taking Boo to get her pictures done, but I just couldn't stomach the costHowever, after today, I think I will be leaving the picture taking to the professionals [or recruit an assistant]!  It was bonkers trying to take this little fire cracker's pictures.  She was all over the place!  I managed to get a few good shots but I thought I would share the funny bloopers.

I planned it out perfectly.... after nap time [when she is the happiest], I will dress her up and get to work.  Well, it worked and she was happy but she couldn't sit still.

So, I tried distractions and that didn't work out so well.  The ornaments were way to big.

And then onto a smaller distraction, like cheerios.  I just placed them on her dress and she would smile a little and eat a little.  And we would get a face like this once in awhile hehe. 

 But silly me, I left the box on the floor and as soon as she saw it, she zoomed right on over, wiggled the bag open, and put handfuls of cheerios in her own mouth.  Apparently, I wasn't giving her enough.  And she did a victorious cheer.
By now there was no stopping her.  Boo bear was all over the living room and so I sorta gave up and started playing too.  We played a little peek a boo.
Then back to the pictures with one last try with those cheerios.  All I got were more of these faces.
By now she was telling me she was done.

It was no easy task getting the pictures!  And the only way to really get her to smile and laugh was by showing her da-da's picture!  She would see our wedding picture and say dada and smile and walk towards it.  And of course kiss it.  [Can we say, daddy's girl].

It was an adventure trying to get her pictures taken, but worth it since I didn't have to give up an arm and leg.  They ended up looking okay.  I was in such a hurry I just printed them at Walmart [BIG mistake!] because Costco has a way better deal and such better quality [not to mention the envelopes Walmart gave me were so cheap]!  And since I have my Grinch crown on I might just add they always print my pictures with this strange yellowish tint.  OKAY enough of the complaining.  I am just so glad I got the cards done and sent out. 

And while I was getting stamps at the post office I realized it was December 16th. Seriously?!!? Where is the time going?!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Faves

Today I had this thought...  When you are a kid, Christmas can't seem to come soon enough.  When you are an adult, Christmas seems to come too soon!  Isn't that the truth?!

Well, it seems to be coming so fast and I guess after getting the most important gifts out to my hubby I just decided to take a break.  It's also not easy going shopping with a very active 10 month old.  To top it off, she has been sick all week fighting a viral infection.  Boy oh boy! All I have done the past few days is lay around tending to my sick baby.   But she has been a trooper because we did go out to do some shopping. 

Well on to the Christmas faves.  One of my Christmas faves is wrapping gifts!  I love love love it.  I know a lot of people hate it, but I can't get enough.  I will even wrap gift cards in a shirt box just to wrap a box hehe.

Here are some of my Christmas favorites [most are from Costco]:

These absolutely adorable gift labels!  They are the cutest and 60 for $8, they are a steal.  Just look at those Christmas lights on Snoopy's dog house.

 Stocking stuffers are another Christmas fave!  I sent my hubby a really cute knit one filled with random things.  This year's fave stocking stuffer is for my brother in laws.  I got them this hilarious book.  I know it's for tweens but it's so funny!!  It's an easy read and a great alternative to the usual socks and underwear. 

Now this is my absolute favorite that I even bought one for myself.  It is a great gift for super price.  If I could, I would have bought myself two.  It's a greeting card box filled with beautiful handmade greeting cards.  30 cards for $18!  That is a steal and they are each beautifully made.  I just love it! 

Now it isn't Christmas without peppermint!! I love peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint Hershey Kisses, and thanks to Auntie Marlaine I am now in love with these peppermint biscotti.  I have one every morning with my coffee.

What are some of your Christmas faves?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Hard

Black Friday for me was not a happy shopping day as it was for everyone else.  It was black however as the home sickness hit me like a pile of bricks.  Ever since then, I have been trying really hard to put on a happy face and even try to get in the Christmas mood.... but it's hard. 

It's our first time in about 7 years that my hubby and I will be apart during the holidays.

It's hard not to have him here to help me put up the Christmas tree.  To hear his laugh when I get so excited about seeing it lit for the first time.  To go shopping for gifts and sit together in our living room while I wrap and he watches.  And to hear him laugh again while I make him shake and guess what is in each box.  To watch his favorite [The Grinch] and mine [Elf].  It's hard not to have him here during those quiet nights watching tv sipping on hot chocolate with whip cream.  I miss hearing him tell me that the first snow has arrived and enjoying the magic of all the little white flakes fall from the sky.   I miss him.  I miss us.  I would give up all my Christmas presents just to have him here with me.

I hate to be the Grinch, but I just wish Christmas would come and go without letting me know it was here.  The closer we get to the day the heavier my heart gets.  There is no earthly antidote for this broken heart.  No amount of family, presents, or even chocolate will mend it.  It is so much harder than I thought it would be. 

 But I know it's only for a season.  Even through the sadness and this hardship I know that God is strong when I am weak.  I am just thankful to have a God who can ease the hurt that is in my heart and to catch my tears when they fall.  I may not be the peppy happy self that I usually am right now but it won't be forever.  This season won't last forever. The time will come and go and all I can do is look to the forward to the day that my amazing husband and I can be together again.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 10 Months

It hardly seems like a month has already passed. That 30 days have already gone by since I last took this precious little girl's picture and was telling you all about her.  But yes, today is my Boo Bear's 10 month birthday. 

She is growing up really fast and she thinks she is such a big girl now.  It amazes me how independent she is and how much she needs her "me" time as I like to say.  She can be in her room with Barney and her toys for hours without wanting to be bothered.

Dr Seuss Invitations Semi-Done

I have taken a short hiatus from the holiday crafting to work on something on the to do list... invitations.   I can't believe my precious little munchkin will be a year old in just two months!  Oh boy oh boy it goes by fast.  I am getting nervous thinking that her party is right around the corner that I have done lots of party planning this week.  Mainly just brainstorming.

I have made some progress on the invitations and I am so excited to share!  The other day I decided the colors will be a Suess-y red, blue, and yellow [yea a little boyish but oh well!].  I looked at a ton ton ton of invites thanks to google photos and decided on this look and wording:

I still can't believe I actually pulled this off.  I decided since there was so much color the black and white Cindy Lou needed to be colored in too [not an easy task folks].  It isn't completely finished because it feels like it needs more glitz and glam [or maybe I have been watching too much toddlers and tiaras hehe]  but I love the way it looks so far.  Cindy Lou's head is a little odd but the bow embellishment will cover it right up.  I am thinking about giving this as a freebie, if only I knew how to post the picture in 300dpi so it doesn't lose it's pixels when editing and printing. 

Maybe one day I will figure it out.  But I wish the design would just come already made and I can just print in the writing like with these really cute shower invitations I made today for my friend Kathryn.  I love that they came with this really cute sleeve and we both fell in love with the print.

The inside paper isn't just plain either, it has a very nice design on it!  I love Gartner Studios invitations.  I actually used their invitations for my own wedding.  Aren't these so cute?!  I got them at Target on sale.

Plus, they came with these little cards that were meant to be reply cards [since these invites are meant to be for a wedding] but I already have a plan for these little cuties.

I love print your own invitations.  They come out so cute and you can't beat getting 50 invitations for $20!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Other than not having my hubby here, I have been enjoying this Christmas season.  As I speak, I am sitting in front of a nice warm fire blaring in the fireplace, watching Alfred Hitchcock, and debating about whether to have a hot chocolate or milkshake for dessert.  There is a cold chill in the air and all that is missing is the snow [that I ironically miss from Germany].  Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

Today was a wonderful mommy and me day and during nap time I made some of these cuties to put in my  lovely hubby's Christmas box.  I use to love getting and making these little candy cane reindeer when I was a kid and it is just as fun as an adult!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to Make a Handprint Ornament


Having a kid to do crafts with is just a dream come true for me.  It is something I have always looked forward to when dreaming about having kids... dreaming about all the things I would do with my kids or in this case just Boo Boo.  Well, she may be too young to enjoy the crafts but it isn't stopping this mama. 

As I put together Christmas box number two for my hubby, I wanted to fill it this one with decorations and little tid bits.  We already made him a wreath with her hand prints and I really wanted to make him an ornament with her hand print as well.  I bought this kit from TJ Max and though it looked good from far away, it was all soft, lightweight, and just cheap.  Oh well!  

It worked out because I decided to make it myself and it came out really cute!  The best part is, it is super duper easy and would be such a fun craft if you have little ones.  Isn't it adorable hanging on the tree?!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Seasonal Obsession

Like candy corn during Halloween and chocolate bunnies for Easter I can't stay away from peppermint hot chocolate [or peppermint anything] during Christmas time.  I have a cup of hot chocolate with a pinch of peppermint almost every night.  I just drop one white chocolate peppermint in my cup and it is heavenly.  When the baby is asleep, I love watching Criminal Minds sipping my yummy peppermint hot chocolate.

What is your seasonal obsession?

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Make a Hand Wreath

Since Thanksgiving ended I have been dying to get into the Christmas mood but have been holding back until today.  I know most of you already started listening to the music, put up the tree, etc etc etc....  but I didn't want Christmas to feel like forever long, so I waited.

And HIP HIP HOORAY it's December 1st and I can officially unleash all the cheerful-ness!!  Bring on the peppermint hot chocolate, Christmas tree, and it's time to bring on the gift wrapping and crafts.

All November I have been thinking about what to get my hubby and what I can send to him.  I want him to be able to have some decorations that will bring the Christmas-y mood on over and I remembered this hand wreath and thought it would be perfect!

Isn't it adorable that it is made from Boo's hands?!  This is the perfect craft if you have toddlers or young elementary kiddos.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Join Me

So I have been out of the social media loop for a few weeks thanks to our crazy busy non stop schedule of seeing all the family and friends we could see at one time.  But, today was the first day in a long time that I have really scrolled down the facebook new feed to see what everyone was up to.  It's funny because my mother in law calls it People Magazine and in a way she is right hehe.

Anyways, I saw a friend that I knew in high school post a link to a blog asking for prayers for her friend.  I CLICKED, read it and my heart just broke.  I just can't believe all that this poor mom is going through!  Her son has all sorts of complications with his heart and she will be delivering him soon.  There are just so many issues I can't imagine what she must be going through. 

As I read what she is writing I just want to cry.  My heart goes out to you Jillian and I admire your strength and faith.  I can't even fathom all that you are going through but I will be praying peace and comfort for you.

Reading this made me remember my own delivery of Boo and as she was going down her head smashed the umbilical chord cutting off her oxygen.  The little monitor stopped beeping and we knew something was wrong.  In the midst of the chaos my hubby and I just prayed and prayed and prayed.  I was flipped to my hands and knees and the mid wives were shaking my belly trying to get her to move and you can just imagine the fear that ran through us.  God heard our prayers and we delivered this beautiful baby girl. 

Well, this moment doesn't even seem close to comparing to what this poor mama is going through right now, but I believe that God can work a miracle in this situation as well. God helped me to deliver Cindy I am going to pray and believe that God would bring Judah safely into the world.  I ask that you join me in praying for this family as they go through this trial.  Pray that God would give them strength and most of all peace.  I will be praying God would ultimately heal baby Judah.  I don't know about you, but I believe in miracles and that is exactly what I will be asking God for.  So, please join me in praying for this family!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ruffled Dress

As promised I am going to give you the link and tutorial for the cute little dress that I made for Boo Bear to wear for her first Thanksgiving.  It has been awhile since I have made anything for her and even though I waited until the night before to make it, it was so fun.  I got the main idea from the tutorial of the Rainbow Dress from Rae [with some minor changes] and though I love the rainbow idea, I didn't think it was very Thanksgiving-y.

 I bought this fabric from Beverly's in October and when I saw it, I knew it was perfect!  I just love all the colors and the fact that it was on sale was super!  I obviously only chose one print instead of a few different ones and I added pop with the headband and shoes she wore.
I wanted to show the dress in action but because it was cold for Thanksgiving most of it was covered by her cardigan SO... I took some pictures of her in it today, without the tights or cardigan to distract from the adorableness of the dress.   [One change I made was to the straps. Instead of rectangles, I curved one side so it is a little rounded.]

Is this not the cutest picture you have ever seen?!  This little girl is always on her tippy toes.  [Another change I made was I made all three tiers the same since she is still teeny].

Wanna know what she is looking at?  Mommy and Daddy's wedding picture.  

It was so cute because she kept saying da-da-da-da and waving her hand to say hi to him.

Then she got bored hehe.  But, I also made this cute matching yo-yo flower headband to match.  I just love the ruffled elastic!  I am definitely going to have to get more of that.
I just love this cute little dress and will for sure make it again, especially in the summer time.  It's surprisingly easy to make and is just darling.  So HERE is the link to the tutorial!