Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Public

Welcome to my new public blog!  My original blog use to be a free for all but due to privacy and safety issues I had to privatize.... BUT over the past few months of blogging I really missed having a public blog.  I miss sharing random tid bits of life and showcasing my work so I am back!

I now have the best of both worlds.  I can share the private details of my life on my private blog and the randomness on this one. YAY!

Now the Cozee would have been COZY but unfortunately someone has sadly occupied the email make it cozy[BOOOO!!] I guess the teacher in me is uncomfortable with the misspelling, but I guess it's okay because gramatically two ee's make the long e sound.  Two ee's says, E like in cozee.  [the first grade teacher in me even added the vowel bars to help you sound out cozee correctly]

So why make it cozee?  Well, for one I love being cozee!! And recently, I have been obsessed with making cozees for everything!!! [Like how I am purposely misspelling cozy.... hehe I think the name is warming up to me].  And what is a cozee?  Just a special comfy zippery case for things that probably don't even need one, like diapers.  And WA-la my new blog name: make it cozy.

I am really excited about this new blog and hopefully can keep up with posting.  So untill next time folks, arrivederci!


  1. Woot! I'm your first follower!

  2. This is the first time I read your blog and I love it!!!! You have inspired me to become more crafty. I have a 10 month old baby boy and I think he is going to enjoy a more productive mama thank you so much. Norma McKinley.

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