The Stroller Bag

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It is the last day of Frazzle Free Travel Week so I am ending it with a big bang by showing you my new stroller bag!  Accessibility is essential when traveling with a baby, especially a very impatient one like mine.  I hate loathe digging through my purse finding her bottle, and then the formula, and who knows what else while she is crying and everyon is staring [and I am not the diaper bag kind of mom].  So this stroller bag is perfect! 

The other day we got her new travel stroller [which I love because of the giraffe print] and instead of buying the jeep mesh stroller sack, all week I have been thinking of making my very own.  I designed it to meet my needs.  BUT before I tell you about the bag, check out my little cutie taking her new stroller for a spin before bed hehe!

So back to the bag.  Hopefully in the future I can come out with a tutorial for this, but we have been so busy this weekend there was no way I was able to!

The bag is petite enough to fit in my purse but large enough to hold all of my Boo's essentials.  It's a mini messenger bag with a kabazillion pockets.  I wish I could have used a different canvas print for the outer, but I got  this pink for free so what the hay.  It looks cute though. I also ran out of white thread but the green stitching is kind of growing on me.  I am also very proud of myself.  Check out that nicely sewn binding!!

The bag attaches onto the stroller with these velcro side straps [perfect when we are at the airport].  But twist and press and the straps turn into a very handy strap.

Flip open the front and it carries all that a mommy needs [no more digging for that bottle].  Close, unhook, and throw it in your purse [lovvee it!]

The two pockets in the front hold two bottles and a juice [or instead of juice her tupperware of snacks]. 

Now the inside is my fave because of all the pockets.  One for another bottle or snacks, a pen, my hand sanitizer, her rattle, and two teethers.  The inside is for her bibs and tupperware of formula.  It helps me stay organized!

Now I took it for a test spin today at the grocery store and church and I love it!!!!  I love that it hides in my purse and I can pull it out and attach it to her stroller.  Or I can pull it out with the handle and have everything that is hers and all organized.  No more digging.  All of her stuff is in one place all of mine is in another.  I love that I don't have to trade in my grown up bag for a baby bag.  I love that the bottle is right in the front so I can easily grab it.  It is perfect and I seriously can't wait to take it on our vacation!!! 

So what do you think?  Is it tutorial worthy?!  I will let you know how well it works during our travels.

Head Band Tutorial

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day five of Frazzle Free Travel Week!!  That means one day closer to my vacation!!!

And with that said what is a must for cute vacation outfits??? The right accessories of course!   So I have pretty much planned out all of my Boo's outfits and now all she needs are headbands to match.  I have been making her headbands since she was born and partly because I can't find any out here.  It is fun, cute, and always the perfect size for her head.  Now that she is almost 6 months old, her head has outgrown all her headbands so time for a new batch!

Just look at that face showing off her new headband!  I feel like the bigger she gets the bigger the headband and bow needs to be hehe. 

Want to make some for your little cutie?!  It's great for all ages and all you need are a few scraps plus a hot glue gun!  So lets get started.

Mommy and Me Passport Cozees

Thursday, July 28, 2011

So I can't go through Frazzle Free Travel Week without making passport cozees!!  Well, I have been busy busy busy getting things ready for a very awesome arrival tomorrow that I had to keep it simple today.

For our family vacay we will be needing our passports of course so I made some mommy and me passport cozees [I'm not all into the matchy mommy and baby].  Now the battle will be trying to convince the hubby to let me cover his passport in a cozee!  Aren't they cute!?

Sad to say I liked the embellishment on my cozee better than my Boo's.  They were both first pancake flops so I will probably have to make her a new one.  I used felt for hers and tried my very very best to create an elephant to embroider.  Well, lets just say my heffalump looked more like a blob than anything so I ditched the idea and did hearts.  It came out okay.
Ehh.. but for mine I thought of trying out a fabric flower with scalloped edges and I love it!!  It came out so cute!

The cute little button [thanks cousin Krista] is just the perfect touch!  And don't you love that chevron print!  Bahhhhh I love it!!  The same print is now available on my facebook page for purchase [without the flower sowee].

Since I was making our passport cozees I went ahead and whipped up a few more!  I am not a huge fan of dark colors but this fabric combo is so lovely!  Meet Brown Spice.

This one reminds me of a bee hive.

And I can't seem to get away without making pink ones.  This is Fuschia Fun...

and Sunny Daze.

Wanna know how to purchase one??  Well chek out my facebook page and message me which one you want.  I will send you a link to the etsy listing and I will get it in the mail to you in no time! 

Cozee for Sunglasses

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day three of Frazzle Free Travel Week!!  Introducing the Cozee for your sunglasses because you can't go on vacation without em'.  Now my lovely sunglasses that I got on clearance came with a case, but it is plastic and super bulky.  I have no room for that!  I just need something to protect the lenses so here is what I came up with.

Just a small disclaimer, please excuse the messy messy messy stitches and slight awkwardness of this Sunglass Cozee, it is my first pancake flop.  There are still some kinks in pattern, construction, and execution that need to be worked out! 

Regardless, I am still satisfied with how it turned out and I am going to provide the tutorial and you can change it as you feel fit.  So lets not waste any time and get started!

First, take your sunglasses and measure one of the lenses all the way around.  Divide that by 2 and add one inch. 

Mine was 8 inches around, divide by two and you have 4, add one inch for seam allowances and you get 5.  This will be the width of the pattern.  Then measure the length of your sunglasses, add 3 inches [or however long you want your flap], plus 1/2 an inch for seam allownace.  Once you have your length and width you can create the pattern.  Here is the backside and I curved the edges [something I would not do next time].

Then use the same width and create the front shorter end of the cozee.

Pin and cut 2 pieces of fabric for each pattern and one of batting.  Next time I would cut the fabric as one long strip instead of two seperate pieces.  I ended up sewing the two pieces into one long piece before quilting.

So once all peices are cut lay them down with the batting in the middle [right sides should be facing out].

Make-Up Cozee

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boy oh boy today was such a busy day!!   So many errands, so many things that needed to get done.  In all the craziness that was happening, I found some time to do a project for Frazzle Free Travel Week [yeay for day two!].

The make up cozee.  [Though the rest of the world calls it a makeup bag.]

To get the free tutorial check out this link HERE.  The only difference I made was I used batting instead of interfacing and quilted it before assembling.  Cute right?!

 BUT for my trip I don't need a makeup bag quite as big since I don't plan on bringing all my war paint.  Becoming a mommy has helped me to down size on the packing since my Boo needs so much! I only plan on bringing the essentials!

Here is the version I made for our family vacation [eekkkss!].  And for the lovely print... Poppy Spice.  This regulary is not my taste but I love the uniqueness of this print.  It fits all my makeup perfectly!
The best part about using a pattern is altering it to fit your needs.  I used the same pattern but made the bag four inches shorter in length.  I also was not so fond of the trapazoid shape so it is more square like but still has the same depth. 

I can't wait to use this!  One less projct off my list and one day closer to my sunny vacation!!

Luggage Identifier Tutorial

Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to day one of Frazzle Free Travel Week!! Yeay!  Not to mention this will be my very first tutorial.  Please excuse my poor picture quality pictures but camera is still MIA. 

So let me introduce the Luggage Identifier.  Thank you Auntie Marlaine for the great idea [she saw it at an airport].   Because of your awesome idea you get a pair for your luggage!

Have black luggauge just like the other 90% of travelers?  Me too!  With this quilted lugguage identifier I can now easily spot my luggage as it goes round and round the corral. 

Want one for yourself?  Let me know and maybe I will make a few more OR you can make one yourself!!  This is a great sewing project for beginners, or if you have a lot of scraps, or want to craft with only a limited amount of free time.  So lets get started.

What you will need:

3 pieces of 2.5 by 6 in rectangles [for front]
1 piece of 6 by 6 in square [for back]
1 piece of batting felt 6 by 6 in
1 strip of 5 inch velcro OR three snaps

Sew the three rectangle pieces 1/4 inch seam to create a square like so. [This can be substituted for one 6 by 6 in square]

Decide how you want to quilt them [I used a quilt marker that disappears with water to draw my lines]. Quilt the square onto the batting. 

Theme Week

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This weekend, I have been prepping for my first theme week!  See, lots of cutting and prepping [my least favorite part of sewing ugh]. 

This poor quality picture of strips is for tomorrow's project.  So back to theme week....

What in the world is theme week? A whole week of sewing projects with a theme!!!  This coming week's theme will be Frazzle Free Travel [because baby or not my hubby and I love to travel].  I have projects catered to make traveling a little easier, a little more organized, and just a little more exciting [as if getting away wasn't exciting enough].

Our family summer vacation is coming in the next few weeks and now that we have Boo there are a million and one more things I need to think about!  Lists, packing, prepping, you would think we were leaving tomorrow!  Ha! 

All I know is I need to get away from this raining everyday July and head straight to where the sun is.  So lets get excited and creative [and fingers crossed I will get all my projects done on my list].  While I sew I will be day dreaming about one of my trips from last year... a place where it was actually warm, b-e-a-utiful Venice.

Meet Mr. Stache the Pencil Cozee

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Did you know that growing up I loved and looked forward to back to school shopping!  I love love love school and shopping so put those two together and my heart bursts with joy.  I would make a list of everything that was needed, take my time finding the perfect everything and then the fun part.  I would try on all my new outfits [choose which one for what day] and ogranize all of my school supplies, binders, pencils etc.

Obessesive??...oh yea! And I confess this joy continued until I was in high school and college.  I loved back to school shopping so much I would even prep all of my then boyfriend now hubby's stuff when we were in high school and college [hehehe].  Oh and my heart skips a beat at the thought of taking Boo school shopping!!! 

So, when my little sister asked me to make her a pencil case [okay so she isn't so little she is 16] I was super de duper excited.  It reminded me of all the wonderful pencil cases I owned and made me miss those days just a teeny bit.  She sent me exactly what she wanted.  It was a red pleather zipper pouch with an oddly funny print.... different moustaches [hehehe].  I wish I had the picture to show you but I lost it.  Oh well....

So here is my version and I have to admit I love mine way more than the one she showed me and I think I will have to make some more! [What do you think?]

So without further introducing Mr. Stache!!! 
[I apologize for the ridiculously poor picture quality, bad lighting and my camera still MIA]

He is big enough to hold all those school essentials.

And shall we check out his backside?  Cute right?!

I wanted to make him a little funky and a little crazy because my litte sister is no boring person.

I would have loved to have a pencil cozee like Mr. Stache when I was in high school.  Hope you like it Baby Beluga!

Productive Days

Friday, July 22, 2011

Who loves productive days?!  We do!!!

The past two days have been marvelous!  I have gotten my chores done, lots of sewing in and not to mention four hours to myself to get my hair did!  I am so lovin my new highlights.

I have to give lots of credit to my smiley Boo because she has been amazing. Playing independently, going down for naps without a fight, and just being so good.  Fingers crossed it lasts. 

And all this productivity has allowed me to make a whole lotta new passport cozees!! Yeay!!! [As soon as my glue comes in I will be making some more wipes cases].

And my favorite of the bunch? 

The Poppy Spice!  I know, I know it doesn't look like something I would like but this print is just so unique I LOVE IT!  It just looks like a painting on fabric.  You will definitely be seeing this print in another project!

So you can see the rest of them on my facebook page!

I LOVE Suggestions

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So I have gotten a handful of emails asking if I do special orders [both for passport cozees and diapers and wipes cozees] and I am sad to say that I don't.  Why might you ask?  Well here are a few reasons:

1.  I have my hubby, my 5 month old Boo, and super pup Charlie to take care of.  They are my number one priority and if I start taking orders, it might take away from time with them.

2.  I work best NOT under pressure.  I like to let my imagination run and create what I feel like making.

3.  Limited supplies.  I am in a location where I cannot even buy a pack of normal glue sticks for crying out loud! 

4.  I need to have time to make my own projects. 

I do however welcome and love suggestions!!  I have a certain taste but it doesn't suit everyone so suggestions are perfect.  Plus, I can take your suggestions and my creativity to make something wild!  Suggestions allow me to know what you want [and if I have time or supplies I can make it] and if you end up not liking what you suggested then no pressure to buy.  I figure if you like it, someone else will too! 

The main reason why I sell is to buy new fabric for projects and sometimes taking orders makes me feel like I am working in a factory.  It sucks all the fun out of sewing.  So with that said, let me show you some of the suggestions I have gotten in hopes it inspires you to give me some feedback and even more suggestions!! 

Someone saw my pink elephants passport cozee and loved the print!  They suggested I make a diaper and wipes cozee with the same print and WALA..

A long long long time ago someone suggested zebra or leopard print and WALA [there is a matching diaper cozee but since I just got my zippers in yesterday I have not finished making it yet].

Another person wanted to buy passport cozees for her family and noticed my lack of prints suitable for hubbies.  Well, this was the best I could come up with hehehe.

And my favorite of all...  Someone was looking for something less babyish for a diaper and wipes cozee and I came up with this...

I was planning on using this print for something else but it was worth it to see how beautiful this diaper and wipes cozee came out!

I am for sure breaking my rule of not reordering the same print by putting this in my cart because I love this print!

So even if I don't take special orders please feel free to make suggestions.  Who knows, you just might see it in the future. 

Simply Cases

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not much crafting going on this week [sad... and yes my machine is sad too].  The main reason is because I have run out of the essential supplies it takes to keep me running [glue sticks, new fabric, wipes cases, and zippers].   I don't exactly have the luxury of going out to Walmart to replenish my supply....  FINGERS CROSSED that my new fabric is in my mail box waiting to be picked up tomorrow. 

I did somehow manage to squeeze out three wipes cases.  I have decided to start something I would like to call Simply Cases. I realize that not everyone wants a set [diaper and wipes cozee] and some people use cloth diapers so now these cases are going solo!

I hope to get many more of these out, quilted and non quilted.

They are brand new Huggies travel cases loaded with 16 wipes [though I shove way more in there]

They cases are covered in 100% cotton fabric, even the trim.

Mine lives in my purse and I am planning on making one for the car as well.

It just makes the boring old wipes case so much more COZEE! [and so darn cute]

And for the price?! It's a steal [seriously].  Six dollars for the non quilted [plus $2 for S&H]. 

So if you like one, check it out on my facebook page and let me know because once a certain case is sold it is gone forever. 

I also managed to get a few passport covers done because I sold out of the last batch and will post these on my facebook page as well.  They are $5 [$1 S&H].  If you want one let me know.

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