Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cozee for Sunglasses

Day three of Frazzle Free Travel Week!!  Introducing the Cozee for your sunglasses because you can't go on vacation without em'.  Now my lovely sunglasses that I got on clearance came with a case, but it is plastic and super bulky.  I have no room for that!  I just need something to protect the lenses so here is what I came up with.

Just a small disclaimer, please excuse the messy messy messy stitches and slight awkwardness of this Sunglass Cozee, it is my first pancake flop.  There are still some kinks in pattern, construction, and execution that need to be worked out! 

Regardless, I am still satisfied with how it turned out and I am going to provide the tutorial and you can change it as you feel fit.  So lets not waste any time and get started!

First, take your sunglasses and measure one of the lenses all the way around.  Divide that by 2 and add one inch. 

Mine was 8 inches around, divide by two and you have 4, add one inch for seam allowances and you get 5.  This will be the width of the pattern.  Then measure the length of your sunglasses, add 3 inches [or however long you want your flap], plus 1/2 an inch for seam allownace.  Once you have your length and width you can create the pattern.  Here is the backside and I curved the edges [something I would not do next time].

Then use the same width and create the front shorter end of the cozee.

Pin and cut 2 pieces of fabric for each pattern and one of batting.  Next time I would cut the fabric as one long strip instead of two seperate pieces.  I ended up sewing the two pieces into one long piece before quilting.

So once all peices are cut lay them down with the batting in the middle [right sides should be facing out].

Then quilt a design or just leave it plain.  I used a 1/4 inch lines. 

Now create some bias tape, pin, and sew along the short end.  

Fold it over, pin and sew down the sides as close to the edge as possible, 1/8 of an inch.

 Take some more bias tape, sew the two pieces together starting and one end, going around all the way to the other end.

Now because I have not had enough practice sewing bias tape on curved edges, I think I would make it a squared edge next time.  The ickness of that curve makes me cringe.  Please excuse all my loose threads too.  Now you can leave it just like this or you can flip in so the seams are inside.  I flipped it and it gave the cozee a nice shape.

Now the only problem was that the sides bent in a strange kind of way... Ick!  So, another suggested change in design would be to create a trapaziod shaped top to avoid this problem.  I ended up sewing them down creating very blah look.  Oh well, it's my first pancake!

Anyways, sew on a piece of elastic at the top to creat a button hole.  Next time I would use 1/8 inch elastic instead of the 1/4.

Then hand sew a small button to cover the top of the elastic. 

Then sew on a larger button onto the front body.

And WALA you have a simple cozee for your sunglasses!

Oh dear please ignore my horrendous stitching!  I will probably make this again and it won't look as messy!  Until then, go try it out for yourself.


  1. Only you could do these cool designs and have them turn out great the first time around. I can't tell you messed up...(mine would look horren-dious)!

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