Friday, July 29, 2011

Head Band Tutorial

Day five of Frazzle Free Travel Week!!  That means one day closer to my vacation!!!

And with that said what is a must for cute vacation outfits??? The right accessories of course!   So I have pretty much planned out all of my Boo's outfits and now all she needs are headbands to match.  I have been making her headbands since she was born and partly because I can't find any out here.  It is fun, cute, and always the perfect size for her head.  Now that she is almost 6 months old, her head has outgrown all her headbands so time for a new batch!

Just look at that face showing off her new headband!  I feel like the bigger she gets the bigger the headband and bow needs to be hehe. 

Want to make some for your little cutie?!  It's great for all ages and all you need are a few scraps plus a hot glue gun!  So lets get started.

I was too lazy to sew the band so I cheated and bought a pack from the store.  These are nylon with a great stretch.  I am not thrilled with them but the selection was slim.

Because these are intended for older girls I have to make them smaller.  I measure her head, flip the headband inside out and sew it in about a half an inch [I totally forgot to take a picture sowee!]

Now the fun part.  Find some fabric that matches the head bands and cut rectangles.  The size really depends on how big you want the bow. 

Fold it over hamburger style, right sides together, and sew leaving a small opening on the longer side.  I also sewed with a slight curve so the bow isn't so pointy at the ends.  [Now there is a way to make these without sewing but they aren't as cute.  Maybe I will show you next time.]

Now flip it over and don't worry about the opening because it won't matter when the bows are assembled.  Now cut smaller thinner rectangles with the corresponding or another matching fabric.  Set aside these strips for later.

Now lets assemble the bow.  Thread a needle, pinch the rectangle and stick your needle through.

Sew through a few times and wrap the thread around a few times.  No need to be perfect, the glue will cover any imperfections.

They should look like this.

Now drop a bit of glue onto the headband and place the bow onto it pressing until the glue dries.

Now take those strips you set aside and fold one end halfway.

Fold the other end halfway and iron if you wish to keep them down.

Drop a bit of glue on the middle of the bow where the thread is and place the strip right on top like so.

Turn the headband inside out and drop a bit of glue in the middle of the backside and fold over the strip onto the glue.  Pull on the headband a bit to give it a pinched look.  Cut off the excess fabric.

Then drop a bit of glue and fold over the other side of the strip.

Because the bow is so big I like to glue each end down onto the headband so they aren't floppign all other the place.

And WALA a whole set of new cute headbands!

  She was giving me the best faces hehe.

I am not all that into the flower headbands [as I prefer big bows] but she has to at least have one flower headband. 

And as a final note, remember that sunglass cozee I made a few days back?  Well, I made another one and lets just say its a second pancake flop!  I think I am going to rework the pattern because even with my suggested ideas it is still not coming out right!

So ignore that tutorial and go make your cute princess some headbands!


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