Thursday, July 21, 2011

I LOVE Suggestions

So I have gotten a handful of emails asking if I do special orders [both for passport cozees and diapers and wipes cozees] and I am sad to say that I don't.  Why might you ask?  Well here are a few reasons:

1.  I have my hubby, my 5 month old Boo, and super pup Charlie to take care of.  They are my number one priority and if I start taking orders, it might take away from time with them.

2.  I work best NOT under pressure.  I like to let my imagination run and create what I feel like making.

3.  Limited supplies.  I am in a location where I cannot even buy a pack of normal glue sticks for crying out loud! 

4.  I need to have time to make my own projects. 

I do however welcome and love suggestions!!  I have a certain taste but it doesn't suit everyone so suggestions are perfect.  Plus, I can take your suggestions and my creativity to make something wild!  Suggestions allow me to know what you want [and if I have time or supplies I can make it] and if you end up not liking what you suggested then no pressure to buy.  I figure if you like it, someone else will too! 

The main reason why I sell is to buy new fabric for projects and sometimes taking orders makes me feel like I am working in a factory.  It sucks all the fun out of sewing.  So with that said, let me show you some of the suggestions I have gotten in hopes it inspires you to give me some feedback and even more suggestions!! 

Someone saw my pink elephants passport cozee and loved the print!  They suggested I make a diaper and wipes cozee with the same print and WALA..

A long long long time ago someone suggested zebra or leopard print and WALA [there is a matching diaper cozee but since I just got my zippers in yesterday I have not finished making it yet].

Another person wanted to buy passport cozees for her family and noticed my lack of prints suitable for hubbies.  Well, this was the best I could come up with hehehe.

And my favorite of all...  Someone was looking for something less babyish for a diaper and wipes cozee and I came up with this...

I was planning on using this print for something else but it was worth it to see how beautiful this diaper and wipes cozee came out!

I am for sure breaking my rule of not reordering the same print by putting this in my cart because I love this print!

So even if I don't take special orders please feel free to make suggestions.  Who knows, you just might see it in the future. 


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