Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make-Up Cozee

Boy oh boy today was such a busy day!!   So many errands, so many things that needed to get done.  In all the craziness that was happening, I found some time to do a project for Frazzle Free Travel Week [yeay for day two!].

The make up cozee.  [Though the rest of the world calls it a makeup bag.]

To get the free tutorial check out this link HERE.  The only difference I made was I used batting instead of interfacing and quilted it before assembling.  Cute right?!

 BUT for my trip I don't need a makeup bag quite as big since I don't plan on bringing all my war paint.  Becoming a mommy has helped me to down size on the packing since my Boo needs so much! I only plan on bringing the essentials!

Here is the version I made for our family vacation [eekkkss!].  And for the lovely print... Poppy Spice.  This regulary is not my taste but I love the uniqueness of this print.  It fits all my makeup perfectly!
The best part about using a pattern is altering it to fit your needs.  I used the same pattern but made the bag four inches shorter in length.  I also was not so fond of the trapazoid shape so it is more square like but still has the same depth. 

I can't wait to use this!  One less projct off my list and one day closer to my sunny vacation!!


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