Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Mr. Stache the Pencil Cozee

Did you know that growing up I loved and looked forward to back to school shopping!  I love love love school and shopping so put those two together and my heart bursts with joy.  I would make a list of everything that was needed, take my time finding the perfect everything and then the fun part.  I would try on all my new outfits [choose which one for what day] and ogranize all of my school supplies, binders, pencils etc.

Obessesive??...oh yea! And I confess this joy continued until I was in high school and college.  I loved back to school shopping so much I would even prep all of my then boyfriend now hubby's stuff when we were in high school and college [hehehe].  Oh and my heart skips a beat at the thought of taking Boo school shopping!!! 

So, when my little sister asked me to make her a pencil case [okay so she isn't so little she is 16] I was super de duper excited.  It reminded me of all the wonderful pencil cases I owned and made me miss those days just a teeny bit.  She sent me exactly what she wanted.  It was a red pleather zipper pouch with an oddly funny print.... different moustaches [hehehe].  I wish I had the picture to show you but I lost it.  Oh well....

So here is my version and I have to admit I love mine way more than the one she showed me and I think I will have to make some more! [What do you think?]

So without further introducing Mr. Stache!!! 
[I apologize for the ridiculously poor picture quality, bad lighting and my camera still MIA]

He is big enough to hold all those school essentials.

And shall we check out his backside?  Cute right?!

I wanted to make him a little funky and a little crazy because my litte sister is no boring person.

I would have loved to have a pencil cozee like Mr. Stache when I was in high school.  Hope you like it Baby Beluga!


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