Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Tutorial: Passport Cozee

Today I will be doing the mini tutorial for the passport cover from yesterday [yeay].  Mini meaning I am going to show you the real tutorial and how I made mine differently.This is a great sewing project for beginners! 

I found the passport tutorial on this lovely blog Bunny Bum and made a  few changes.  Be sure to read both our tutorials before you start.

I first cut out all the pattern pieces [one outer, one inner] plus an extra peice of interfacing [to give the cozee a little more stiffness and body].
Then, lay out the peices as follows.... inside fabric right side up, outside fabric wrong side up, then the interfacing on top of that. [just as it shows in the picture]. 

Then pin and sew as the directions say. [Tip: Sew along the interfacing, be sure that you sew perfectly straight or else the sides wont match up when folded.]

Once it is all sewed, I cut around all the sides 1/8 of an inch minus two inches on the short side as tutorial says [and trimmed the corners of course].  Be careful not to cut through the seam!  See the difference bettween the 1/4 and 1/8 seam.

And be sure to leave the opening 1/4 of an inch. 

Turn your fabric inside out as the tutorial states [the interfacing should be on the inside], poke the corners out, and iron.

The last change I made was I did not sew around the passport cover and then the top sides as #5 states.  After it was ironed out, I only sewed up the short sides.

Then, I folded the flaps according to the measurements, and sewed along the top and bottom.  I thought it looked nicer with only one seam along the top and bottom instead of two.

And WALA you have a lovely passport cover!!  The neat thing about these is that you can personalize them and add all sorts of cute imbellishments.  On this pink one, I embriodered a pink tree to match the print.

I will have to do a mini tutorial to show that when I make my Boo's and I's passport covers!  Now get to work and make one for yourself!

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