Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mommy and Me Passport Cozees

So I can't go through Frazzle Free Travel Week without making passport cozees!!  Well, I have been busy busy busy getting things ready for a very awesome arrival tomorrow that I had to keep it simple today.

For our family vacay we will be needing our passports of course so I made some mommy and me passport cozees [I'm not all into the matchy mommy and baby].  Now the battle will be trying to convince the hubby to let me cover his passport in a cozee!  Aren't they cute!?

Sad to say I liked the embellishment on my cozee better than my Boo's.  They were both first pancake flops so I will probably have to make her a new one.  I used felt for hers and tried my very very best to create an elephant to embroider.  Well, lets just say my heffalump looked more like a blob than anything so I ditched the idea and did hearts.  It came out okay.
Ehh.. but for mine I thought of trying out a fabric flower with scalloped edges and I love it!!  It came out so cute!

The cute little button [thanks cousin Krista] is just the perfect touch!  And don't you love that chevron print!  Bahhhhh I love it!!  The same print is now available on my facebook page for purchase [without the flower sowee].

Since I was making our passport cozees I went ahead and whipped up a few more!  I am not a huge fan of dark colors but this fabric combo is so lovely!  Meet Brown Spice.

This one reminds me of a bee hive.

And I can't seem to get away without making pink ones.  This is Fuschia Fun...

and Sunny Daze.

Wanna know how to purchase one??  Well chek out my facebook page and message me which one you want.  I will send you a link to the etsy listing and I will get it in the mail to you in no time! 


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