Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Stroller Bag

It is the last day of Frazzle Free Travel Week so I am ending it with a big bang by showing you my new stroller bag!  Accessibility is essential when traveling with a baby, especially a very impatient one like mine.  I hate loathe digging through my purse finding her bottle, and then the formula, and who knows what else while she is crying and everyon is staring [and I am not the diaper bag kind of mom].  So this stroller bag is perfect! 

The other day we got her new travel stroller [which I love because of the giraffe print] and instead of buying the jeep mesh stroller sack, all week I have been thinking of making my very own.  I designed it to meet my needs.  BUT before I tell you about the bag, check out my little cutie taking her new stroller for a spin before bed hehe!

So back to the bag.  Hopefully in the future I can come out with a tutorial for this, but we have been so busy this weekend there was no way I was able to!

The bag is petite enough to fit in my purse but large enough to hold all of my Boo's essentials.  It's a mini messenger bag with a kabazillion pockets.  I wish I could have used a different canvas print for the outer, but I got  this pink for free so what the hay.  It looks cute though. I also ran out of white thread but the green stitching is kind of growing on me.  I am also very proud of myself.  Check out that nicely sewn binding!!

The bag attaches onto the stroller with these velcro side straps [perfect when we are at the airport].  But twist and press and the straps turn into a very handy strap.

Flip open the front and it carries all that a mommy needs [no more digging for that bottle].  Close, unhook, and throw it in your purse [lovvee it!]

The two pockets in the front hold two bottles and a juice [or instead of juice her tupperware of snacks]. 

Now the inside is my fave because of all the pockets.  One for another bottle or snacks, a pen, my hand sanitizer, her rattle, and two teethers.  The inside is for her bibs and tupperware of formula.  It helps me stay organized!

Now I took it for a test spin today at the grocery store and church and I love it!!!!  I love that it hides in my purse and I can pull it out and attach it to her stroller.  Or I can pull it out with the handle and have everything that is hers and all organized.  No more digging.  All of her stuff is in one place all of mine is in another.  I love that I don't have to trade in my grown up bag for a baby bag.  I love that the bottle is right in the front so I can easily grab it.  It is perfect and I seriously can't wait to take it on our vacation!!! 

So what do you think?  Is it tutorial worthy?!  I will let you know how well it works during our travels.

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