Sunday, July 24, 2011

Theme Week

This weekend, I have been prepping for my first theme week!  See, lots of cutting and prepping [my least favorite part of sewing ugh]. 

This poor quality picture of strips is for tomorrow's project.  So back to theme week....

What in the world is theme week? A whole week of sewing projects with a theme!!!  This coming week's theme will be Frazzle Free Travel [because baby or not my hubby and I love to travel].  I have projects catered to make traveling a little easier, a little more organized, and just a little more exciting [as if getting away wasn't exciting enough].

Our family summer vacation is coming in the next few weeks and now that we have Boo there are a million and one more things I need to think about!  Lists, packing, prepping, you would think we were leaving tomorrow!  Ha! 

All I know is I need to get away from this raining everyday July and head straight to where the sun is.  So lets get excited and creative [and fingers crossed I will get all my projects done on my list].  While I sew I will be day dreaming about one of my trips from last year... a place where it was actually warm, b-e-a-utiful Venice.


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