Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 Minute Throw Pillows

These throw pillow covers are pretty basic, no fancy schmancy stuff like piping or buttons or anything.  They took me 30 minutes [each] to make and are a great temporary fix until I can find some fabric I really really love.  And might I add that I am still tinkering with my new camera and apparently the lighting in my living room is insane so be patient with me on the pictures.

When we bought our comfy family room couch they came with these dark brown throw pillows that I am sure someone finds attractive but not me.   My hubby said they match the couch and though that might be true they are ick. 

Not to mention, you can't even wash them because they don't come with a zipper or anything.  Don't the makers of these pillows know that eventually they get dirty!?   So these slip covers are great because they have a little opening to remove the pillow I can wash them periodically.

I'm pretty satisfied.  And what does my Boo think?  She was too into Barney to even care.  Just look at that concentration.

And when I tried to get her attention, this is what happened.  She got pretty darn ticked!

I am debating about whether to post the tutorial or not.  What do you think?  Want to make some for yourself?


  1. i <3 how you get Barney in Germany!! ...wish PBS still showed it in the states.
    Awesome up do! Gives that cozy couch a bit of summer fling! :)

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