Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pig Fest

All week we have been looking forward to going to this awesome festival near our town, only because we seem to miss all the festivals for one reason or another.  This Saturday was Pig Fest and it kind of reminded me of the county fair in our home town.  We got there right as the parade was passing through town lugging two fresh pigs.

It was a perfect 80 degree no cloud in the sky sort of day and the first real outing for my new camera strap [shameless plug to remind you to enter the giveaway].

It was cute seeing the ladies and little gals dressed.

And I pitied the men because it was way too HOT to be wearing this.

Once they reached the central area they propped the pigs on the roasters.  Zoinks!  I don't know how I feel about seeing a fresh killed pig like that but a cooked one I have no problem.  It kind of makes me a little sad.... strange I know.  Poor piggy.

But after smelling the sandwiches, I kind of forgot about all that and we got in line to get ours.

Even Boo got in on the pig fest action and tried a little pork. 

She dug right in!  Don't worry folks I only gave her a little taste.

After eating we chatted and she hung out.  She thinks she is such a big girl now riding in her big girl stroller with her leg propped up!

We walked through the carnival area, drank lots of liquids, and just enjoyed our time.  Maybe next year when she is a little older we can ride some of the rides!! 

Needless to say it was a great outing and ended with Boo getting sleepy of course.  She looked so cute with her sleepy eyes all snuggles up next to Sophie.

In other unrelated news.... last night I seriously messed up my wrist [booo].  I sprained or pulled something in there a few months ago but last night I twisted it somehow and the pain came rushing in!  Let's just say it was a long night and now my wrist is wrapped and it is still very painful [even to type this and mainly when I hit the space bar with my left hand hehe].  So, I would like to ask for your prayers that it heals up and is nothing too serious when I see the doc this week!! 


  1. Her first Pig Fest!!! Prayers for you hand.

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