Thursday, August 18, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Camera Strap Cover

If you know me, you know that as soon as I got Big Bessy [my amazing new camera] that it wouldn't take long for me to make a cozee for my strap.  Here she is modeling the strap with the awesome lens cap pocket. 

Isn't that fabric just gorgeous?!  I love it!  Plus I embellished it with a cute little ribbon.  The front is ruffled and the backside

of course has the pocket because I have a bad case of mommy brain and knowing me I would lose that cap.

I will post the tutorials I used along with the changes I made next week in case you want to make one for yourself.

BUT if you don't want to make one you can try to win one because I made one for me and one for you!  Well the lucky you who wins it that is.

To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address and let me know what you love to take pictures of.  Yup that easy!

So don't be shy and leave a comment to enter.  If you don't have a camera but know someone who does, enter to win it for them!  This would make a great gift.  I will randomly announce the winner next Friday, August 26th.  Good luck!!

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    I love Weddings :) I'm a photographer and photograph just about anything...but I love getting the sweet glances between a bride and groom captured on their special day!


    I love photographing love! Be it weddings, couples sessions or families. I like being able to capture something as sweet and special that people share.

    You're the best Patty!

  3. Hi! I love to take pictures of my family as well as the beauty of our surroundings here in Europe. Also, I love lanscapes that I can use for painting inspiration!! I will message my email address... :O) -Molly


    No why wouldn't I enter this sweepstake?!

    Love that you finally got your DSLR!
    my 3 wild ones is what my 'lola' desires ;)


    I have the same camera and I just LOVE to take pictures of my mini me and the many travels that I take with my little family :-)

    The straps are just so cute!!

  6. I love taking pictures of almost anything. Families, Children, Nature...

    Wow, this camera strap is stunning!! I have never had one before. They look like they would be super comfortable.

    Thank you for making us one!!

  7. I love taking pictures of anything, but I really enjoying photographing nature and newborns!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!
    Mew Photography

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  9. Okay so I figured I should throw my hat into the ring....

    I love taking snapshots of my little men, they grow up way too fast (over 6 feet now). But when left to my own devices I always find a new view on the average. I have always been that way. So I have some crazy pics, But often enough I get a breathtaking photo! -Mistee

  10. I want to see if I can post now...and remember I love taking pictures of Cindy Lynn. She is my favorite subject. Auntie Marlaine

  11. I love photographing EUROPE, seeing as our time is limited here, I want to be able to remember all our adventures. I want to be able to provide my children (3,5,12) life long memories of their life overseas, it may be once in a lifetime chance. Jessica Silvia,

  12. KIDS! Especially mine! :) -Heather Mckinny

  13. Candid moments!! -Jane Bell

  14. My life :) -Amanda Crosbie

  15. First off this strap is very cute and love that you have a slot for the cap!!!

    I'm not yet fortunate to have a nice fancy camera like that yet but I'm hoping by this Christmas it will be under my tree!!! I still enjoy taking pictures of my family on our many travels throughout Europe. It's so much fun to be documenting a time my kids will be able to look back and say, "Hey I remember us going there!". Haha.

    Good luck everyone! ~Brandy~

  16. Candid moments, that surprise people after the fact when they see the photo!! -Kayla Oeth

  17. I love taking pictures of my little guy!! You are very talented, I love reading your blog!!

  18. I love taking pictures of my 11 month old baby girl sofie... She has the most beautiful smile but she gets shy in front of the camera. Hopefully a beautiful colorful and bright strap cover will put a huuuuuge smile on her face while mommy takes her picture :)

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