Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back from SPAIN!

I'm back, I'm back and I can't say I am too happy about it.  We had a magnificent time in Mallorca, Spain and it was a little hard to return to the 50ish degree pouring rain.  The sun and fun was exactly what our little family needed.  I can happily proclaim that I have a sun burned and even though it is a little painful, I am lovin' it! 

I also got to test all the crafts from Travel Week.  I used everything I made, tons and tons, except for maybe the sunglass case since I was wearing my sunglasses most of the time.  The hub wasn't too thrilled about carrying our passports in the cozee's but they looked so darn cute!

It wasn't easy traveling with an active 6 month old [it was so much easier when she was smaller], but we made it work!  In the mornings, I would let my hub sleep in while we took walks around the beautiful resort.

No cooking, no cleaning, and this view everyday for breakfast?! IT WAS AMAZING. And there is a small clip of our favorite spot in the courtyard. 

But we didn't stay at the resort the entire time!!  We went to the beach, which was exactly my heart's desire.  The view was breathtaking, the weather perfect, and you could see through the water.  Not to mention the blue of the water was nothing I have ever seen before.

This was my favorite of the beaches we went to. 

And a trip isn't a trip without some sight seeing.  A little from the city.

And a whole lot of God's beautiful creation.

And here are some of my favorite sights!

It was perfect and I only have my hub to thank for planning one of our best family vacations.  Now that I am back, I wish I could say that I am up and ready to craft but the only thing on my mind is laundry!  Stay tuned though, I do have some things planned for the week. 

Hope ya'll are getting some sun and fun too!

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