Friday, August 12, 2011

Ladies Beware

While on vacation to Spain there was an incident that happened that made me think, okay I have to warn my ladies about this, and then I forgot.  But for some odd reason I remembered so now here is the warning. 

Ever watch that show on ABC called "What would you do?"  ABC sets up a scenario and then analyzes what people do.  My favorite was a young beautiful girl stealing a bike.  One husband had the nerve to stop and help her steal it, while his wife is telling him no!  So anways, we had one of those moments except there were no cameras and it was real life.

My warning to you ladies [and men] is to: BE VIGILENT [as the AFN commercials always tells us].  Be observant and don't let your guard down.

So why the warning?  Well, on our first day, we decided to go to this beach.  It was lovely and there were about a kabazillion people there.
We found a rock that provided shade for the baby and plopped ourselves down.  After a few dips in the water, the hubby and I were standing around just talking when we notice this guy walking a little suspiciously with his very nice Cannon camera with an extra long lense. 

He heads behind our gigantic rock and begins to take pictures.  So what right?  The problem was he wasn't taking pictures of the scenary but of the people and someone in particular.  We kept watching and discussing.  I thought it was of some man and maybe he was some hired investigator spying on him.  He then moves towards the ocean and pretends to look out at the beautiful view.  Then BAM, he swiftly turns  around and snaps a few shots.  We continue to watch as he stands right behind this young girl, points his camera towards the water, focuses, then BAM takes a few shots of her sun bathing.

Is your stomach turning as much as mine is?!  As he quickly walks away, my hub and I are enraged!  What a perverted jerk!!!  After some discussion and with some encouragement, my hubby talked me into telling the young girl who was topless [the norm in Europe].  I bend down and tell her as her mom listens, that a creep wearing black speedo shorts is taking pictures of her.  She is shaken up, sits up and puts her top back on as though she had just been violated.  I walk back to my little family and again more angry talk occurs.  We watch in disgust as the man reviews the pictures he has taken. Ick!!!

Not even 5 minutes pass and the creep is back for more, standing behind our rock like a coward with his weapon.  I don't hestitate this time and walk right over to the girl and tell her that he is back and standing behind the rock where my hubby and baby are.  The creep sees that he is busted and like the guilty coward he is, he walks swiftly away.  This time the young girl, who does not look past her teens, and her mom approach him.  We see her confront him and can see his head shaking in denial.  My hubby heads over to give support, but at that point he is showing her and her mom the pictures he has taken. 

When they all return to our spot she informs us that he at first tried to deny it but then showed her and she made him delete the photos.  She told us the worst part is that there were pictures on his camera of other girls and some were very young!!! [Stomach is churning at the thought].  She of course thanked us and as I reflect on the occurance I can't help but think of the other girls whom he has violated.  Our only regret was that we didn't call the cops on the pervert. 

Now that I have a daughter of my own I want nothing more that to protect her from the evils of the world.  It makes me sick, just sick to think that this man was and still is taking pictures of these innocent girls and doing who knows what with them.  I am not telling ya'll this so you can pat me on the back for doing the right thing but to warn you.  I warn you and remind you to BE VIGILENT.  Be aware of these creeps and lets protect our daughters and ourselves from their demise. 

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