Saturday, August 13, 2011

Merry Early Christmas to ME!

Two posts in one day?!  I know but I couldn't help but share my new toy.... Eeeekkkks!!  For a few months I have been begging the hub for a fancy starter DSLR camera and he kept saying maybe for Christmas.

Well I guess it is Christmas because look what I got today!!!!! [spoiled? yes I am]

Today was a double WAMI because I got to eat a pecanbon and then I got my early Christmas gift!  I haven't named her yet but she is beaut!  I seriously spent about 40 minutes in the electronics department debating about a Canon and Nikon.  I am not trying to go pro, but just wanted a nice starter that takes beautiful pictures and I finally decided on the Canon. I know I made the right decision.

The deal breaker?  This one comes with a HD video option so instead of carrying the video camera and a huge DSLR I will only have to carry one. 

Today, I mainly played with the auto feature [boooorringg]  minus the picture of the camera box.  Even on the auto feature, my pictures are coming out so much better!  Look at how cute my little Boo looks sleeping in the car.

And some of her playing when we got home.

Actually both of them were playing as you can see my hub in the back. 

She has such a sweet little face... and those big ol eyes just melt my heart. [so much for that auto focus]

The hubby even got in on the action and took one of the both of us.

Not too shabby for the auto setting but I think I can do better than that.  The last photography class I took was in highschool!!  Many many moons ago.  So I have already forgotten about all this ISO and aperture mumbo jumbo.  I can't wait to tinker with my toy and really start figuring out how to work it like a pro hehe. 

And tomorrow I fully intend to work on my new cozees. 

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