Friday, August 12, 2011

My Mini Micro

Gosh it is so hard to come back from vacation!  I wish I could say I have turned my sewing machine on but I haven't.  There are still chores to be done and I can't get myself to craft until the house is clean.  The funny thing is that when my hub is away on his work trips, I don't hesitate between the two because crafting always wins.  But since he is home, chores come first [boooo]. 

One perk to having my wonderful hubby home is that I spend lots more time in the kitchen.  Isn't it so true that that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach??  I hate cooking for myself but love to do it for him.  I wish I could boast that I am an aaahhhmazing cook, but the reality is I am not.  I am still learning.

And with that said I must introduce to you my kitchen side kick.  I have not really bought anything for my kitchen since we got most of our items from our wedding, but a friend recommended this to me when she found out I was going to a Pampered Chef Party. I have to say, I LOVE IT! 

Meet the Small Micro Cooker from Pampered Chef whom I like to call My Mini Micro.  You use it in the microwave and boils water so much faster than on the stove top. 

Okay so it's not cute but I use it at least once a day!  I bought it mainly to steam vegetables [for us and Boo].  It steams them perfect every time!  Plus the handy holes on the lid make it easy to drain the little bit of water.

It also cooks pasta!  I have used it to cook the macaroni for my home mac and cheese and the pasta for my italian pasta salad.

I have used it to warm leftovers and even make fudge for ice cream!

I know it can cook rice and I can't wait to make potatoes in it!  Apparently, it can make cakes but we shall see about that.  I'll let you know if I ever try it.  This is one kitchen item I now cannot live without!  This has made me a believer in Pampered Chef and who knows, I might just throw a PC party in the future.  I had to share because it makes life so much easier, especially when making steamed veggies for the little ones.

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  1. hey! you should also get the Pampered Chef Micro Rice cooker..its a lil bigger than that..and i know for a fact it makes cakes =) bc we do it all the time for a quick desert! i just might have to get me the mini one too!


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