Monday, August 29, 2011

Party Pooped

There is something about Monday's that just... stink!  Today was an especially difficult day and yes I was extra moody, just ask my hubby [poor guy].   Maybe it's because the house is still not cleaned.  Or the huge list of to do's are looming over my head with those empty boxes taunting me.  I could also blame tiredness from all the birthday fun. 

Yup I am party pooped!!  We had a lot of fun though and Boo got to have a whole lot of new experiences.  The hardest part was getting her there because every time we were ready to go she would want to nap!  The result:  lack of sleep and cranky baby!!! [Poor Auntie Jen].

 Regardless, she had some fun playing in the ball pit.  I most definitely want one of these in my house!!

Got tackled in the tunnel by a toddler as I was taking this picture [hehehe poor thing].

Ate some blocks...

And frolicked with the baby boys.  She was the only chica around.  Just look at that face she is giving the poor guys.

And here she is getting busted using Nolan to pull herself up!

Oh how good it must be to be this small hehehe.  


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