Friday, August 26, 2011

Shop Open and Congrats #4

Thank you all for entering the camera strap giveaway!   I LOVED reading all the comments and hearing what ya'll like to take pictures of.  The one thing I hate about giveaways is there can only be one winner [boo!].  BUT Without further adeiu the lucky winner is...... [drum roll please]

Number 4!!!

Congrats Celia!!  Wow giving away stuff is fun hehe.

[I know the max says 17 and it says there were 18 comments but due to a double and one comment had to be removed so there were only 17 of you who entered]

I thought I would explain that in case anyone felt cheated.  Again thanks for entering everyone! 

I also wanted to announce that my Etsy shop is now OPEN!   Right now there are only 5 camera strap cozees and one passport cover but I hope to add more in the future.

My favorite of the bunch?  This one of course.

If you still want a camera strap cozee I am selling them for super cheap right now.  $14 [seriously a steal!] and if you use the code STRAPCOZEE you get free shipping! 

Of course if you want to make one for yourself or are interested in seeing how it is made, just check out the tutorial.  Can't wait to do another giveaway!

[And isn't my new page super cute! Ekks I love it!]


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