Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on my Pesky Wrist Problem

You may not know but I hurt or sprained my wrist a few months ago and Saturday in the middle of a nice sleep I twisted it a certain way and angered it.  I took it to the doc yesterday and he said I either aggrevated a muscle from when I sprained it a few months back or I have aggrevated carpal tunnel.  Either way it's aggrevated and I am not the proud owner of this ugly splint and some pain meds.  The splint actually really helps a lot lot lot since it doesn't let me rotate my wrist therefore no pain.  I love it and it lets my wrist get some rest.

However, when I take it off to cut and sew the pain comes rushing back.  I move it the wrong way and BAM  stabbing pain rushing in.  It stinks!!  This crazy wrist wont stop me but it sure is slowing me down.  [Boooooo].  Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying it heals up fast!


  1. prayin for ya! <3 nessa.

  2. Get well real soon. Marlaine

  3. :( Hope you get better soon! praying <3

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