Washington DC

Friday, September 30, 2011

I know I know, I have been MIA for awhile but we have been going through a lot of transitions and adjustments.  We left Virginia [and sadly said goodbye to the wonderful Yost family] and are now in sunny Cali.  My poor Boo has had to deal with so many changes in her little baby life. 

Anyways, yesterday was such a sad day, I just couldn't get myself to blog or do anything really.  But since the worst is over [day one of the countdown] I am back and ready to roll.

Sometimes when I get a little sad I like to look back on pictures and soak in all the good memories they hold.  So here are some pictures of our most recent family vacation and probably the last one in awhile.  Can you guess where we went since we were in Virginia?

Yup, Washington DC.  I like to think that it was the baby's first educational field trip hehe.

But before we even got there we kinda got lost on the subway.  It was my first time riding on a subway in the US and it was surprisingly very easy.  I highly reccomend it!

We stopped and spent most of the day visiting all the memorials.  Our first stop was the Washington Memorial.  Because of the earthquake it was blocked off so that was kind of a bummer.

The Chair

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have been so busy spending lots of quality time together I have had no time to be online.  Just ask facebook, I have hardly even been on there!  We are still here at Aunt Coleen's and as soon as I saw this chair I fell in love.  I love the shape and the print on it.  It has such a mod retro feel.  I just had to take some pictures with Boo on it.

And these pictures just show the very serious side of my Boo.

She is such a little thinker.

She always wants to be outside.

I just love this cute chair and love the little cutie in it.

Pathetic? Yes, I know....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So all week all I have done is this [hehehe].  Pathetic?  Yes, it is but in my defense I don't have my sewing machine so I can't really work much.  Okay lame-o excuse because I could have precut a ton of fabric but I didn't.... 

I tried to get a really nice picture but well, we got a little interrupted by these precious little hands.  She kept trying to eat them.

We had such a crazy busy week before we left Germany that I just couldn't get myself to do anything but sit, play, watch tv, and shop.  Target has already seen me three times and the outlets down the street are just calling my name [all the time].  Having self control is pretty hard being stateside..I will probably pay for this lazy vacation later with The Threadery right around the corner.  Oh well I guess.  It was well worth it and soaking my brain with a Law and Order SVU marathon was just uuuh-mazing.

So what have we been doing? 

Lots of eating.  This has to be the cutest pinto bean gotees I have ever seen.  And isn't that high chair adorable!?!  It's at least 20 years old.

She loves watching the dogs when she eats. 

She has been doing lots and LOTS of exploring! 

And waiting for the rain to go away so we can go for a walk.

Now my hubby is here to join us so I have pretty much given up the idea that I will be working on anything while I am here.  Poor lonely fabric in my suitcase!  Hope you all have a splendid weekend. I know I will!!!

Friday Confessional

Friday, September 23, 2011

I confess that I love being a military wife [most of the time]. 
I knew the day he officially became an Air Force stud [hehe] that we were in for the adventure of a lifetime.

And boy has it been an adeventure already! 

I confess that it isn't always easy and there are times when I just hate it.  Separations from the hubby for long periods of time are the hardest.  Sometimes I feel like a single parent and being away from family just stinks.  Sadly, changes and uncertainties are a regular part of our lives.

But for the most part I really love it.  We have had the opportunity to travel to places people only dream about.  I get to be a stay at home mom and housewife, and those separations and uncertainties have made me a stronger person.  I daresay they have also given us a special kind of appreciation for one another.  I have had the privilege of  meeting different kinds of people and making some life long friendships.  And I must admit that life is never boring.

Standing behind this handsome fellow and supporting him every step of the way has made it all worth it.

Family Recipes

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have really enjoyed spending time with Aunt Coleen, helping out with dinner and just talking about family.  We share stories and simply enjoy one another's company.  It reminds me how much I actually miss being surrounded by family. 

One of the things we ooze over is food of course.  She is an awesome cook [all the Mullen gals are] and they learned a lot from their mom [the wonderful Grandma Norma].  I already have learned a lot from her in the short time I have been here.  There is something so special about being in the kitchen and cooking together.  

I myself have many memories of being in the kitchen with my mom baking and bonding.  When Boo gets older I hope to share moments like those with her.   Teaching her how to cook and bake recipes that have been passed on from one generation to the next.  Sharing the stories or memories hidden at the core those special family recipes.  And call me old fashioned but I want to tell her, you need to learn to cook for your future husband hehe.  What can I say, there is something very satisfying about cooking a great meal and seeing my hubby enjoy it. 

One food that is a family staple is rice.  Whenever I cooked Mexican food I would use the seasoned rice that comes in the bag.  Then one day, my hubby said you should try to make rice like my Grandma Selena.  She puts onions it and it is really good!  So I tried.

I personally like my rice loaded with tomatoes and lots of seasoning so I did that and just added some onion as requested.  Good but no cigar, he kindly responded that it wasn't the way his grandma makes it.  She makes it plain but it tastes so good.  After lots and lots of tries I finally came really close [at least close enough for him] and now this is the rice I always serve with our Mexican dishes.  I think it kinda reminds him of his childhood.  So here is our family's version of Spanish rice.  Sorry for the lack of measurements, I kind of just wing it.

You start by heating up some oil.  Once it is hot hot hot add the onions and cook on medium heat until they are translucent.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I really wanted to share a recipe today but my eye lids are hanging low and I am way too tired.  Probably tomorrow.  Till then I leave you with one darling picture of Boo....

Playing Oustide

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My daughter is a little adventurer.  She loves getting into everything and exploring new places. One place I have noticed she has wanted to go to since we have been here is outside.  When she sees the dogs go, she just stands at the door looking longingly outside.  It is actually very adorable.

It has been a little rainy and gloomy here [so apparently we brought Germany weather with us].  Today was ab-SO-toot-a-loot-ly beautiful that I had to let her out.  Plus, she was such a good girl while I went shopping [oh yea!] that she deserved it.  She sat, crawled around, tasted grass, and had a great time!

Today, she got what  she wanted and so did I.  I got to go shopping and after 10 long months without Target it was UH-MAZING!  And just check out these darling sandals I got her for $2.  Yup you heard me right and they were the perfect size too. Score! [I just love those little wiggly toes]

We even played with the dog for a tid bit.  She is so cute.  She would come and bring us her ball so we could throw it.

At one point Boo hid her ball and I seriously had do idea how it got behind her back hehe.  Poor Tessy was looking all over for it!

I love spending time with my little Boo.  Thanks self timer for taking pictures of us!  Too bad automatic focus couldn't figure out where we were.

And if you are wondering which business cards I ordered.... well it came down to number three [which got the most votes].  Thanks to Celia I added a funky chevron background since I am in love with that print right now.  I really appreciate all of your input everyone!!!  Not too sure how I like them yet so I guess I'll wait to see them when they get in.  I guess it doesn't matter too much since I will only be using them at the Threadery. 

Busy-ness Card

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gosh by golly I can't seem to make my mind up on anything this month [okay so I am just like that all the time].  I have asked you what color desk I should buy [which will be a surprise], what Boo should be for Halloween, and now I am back for more suggestions. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I will have a booth at the vintage and handmade market called The Threadery.  On the business end of things I realized I actually need busy-ness cards [Ack!].  I wish I could afford to have someone design me some beautiful cards, but I can't so I had to do it myslef. 

Vista print will give me 250 colored business cards of my own design for 4 dollars and you can't beat that!  This is where you come in.  I need your help deciding which ones to print.  Or you could make suggestions on looks and color combos.

After doing some research and for lack of photoshop I really had to keep the design simple.  Here is what I came up with.

Card number one:

Card 2:

Card 3:

So what do you think? 1, 2 or 3?  Or maybe a color combo change?!  I would sooooooo looovvee some feedback.

A Little Nervous

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Have I told you all that I will be one of the vendors at a handmade and vintage market called The Threadery?  I haven't announced it yet because I am so nervous about it!  The idea was nice and it sounded like fun [plus would keep me busy] but now my stomach just churns at the thought of doing it.

I don't think I am ready [in so many ways] ... It is on October 22nd and the time seems to be flying!!!!  I just hope I will have enough to build up a nice inventory.  Not to mention, I have to prepare my booth and decorate it all purdy [and we all know decorating is not a gift I have].  Oh and the idea of failing and not selling anything just makes my stomach go wild. 

BUT.... Some of the stomach sumersaults are from excitment.  So, ready or not I will be there!!  If you live near the area I would love for you to stop by and say hello.  Like I said before, it going to be on October 22nd, at 505 W. Lambert Rd. Brea, Ca 92821.  Here is the promo video

 [I didn't get to be apart of since I was in Germany] but my beautiful sister in law from Nature Mama is in it.  Hope to see you there!  

In completely unrealted news, I am getting some much needed R&R.  This vacation has already been AWESOME! Boo and I are having a lovely visit here in the East Coast staying with our extended fam bam.  They have been so amazing and have been a huge blessing.  Boo Bear already feels at home here.

She has a whole mixing bowl full of fun chewy toys.

And she hasn't had any stranger anxiety, which is a shocker.  She just loves her Uncle Ed.

Oh and their house is STUNNING.  You will be seeing lots of pictures of her this week for sure!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

It feels so good to be relaxing and to have no responsibilities.  I am officially on vacation for the next two weeks.  I made the mistake of overbooking myself the week before we left and things got pretty crazy.  My poor house paid the price as I left it a mess.  It still makes me cringe knowing my house is sitting there a mess.  For some odd reason everyone decided they wanted to order stuff that week so  on top of my to do's, I was running around selling too.  But I can't I really complain about that!

** But before I tell you about my week, be sure to vote for what Halloween costume you think I should make.  The voting poll is found on the side bar to the right.  I also added a search gadget to make it easier to find tutorials**

Things were so hectic I never even got the chance to show you some of the things I was working on.  I got lots and lots of crafting and sewing done.  First, let me introduce you to my new monsters.  I am considering taking custom orders of these when I get back to Germany but not really sure if I am ready for that yet.  We will see...  Don't they look so cute holding hands!

I made an ABU monsta for Boo awhile back to help her when daddy leaves and a friend saw it and decided she wanted one for herself.  It made me happy.  This is Roth Monsta and he too has a schnazzy back pocket to hold pictures or letters or whatever her heart fancies.

I also made the Cindy Monsta.  Even though she is too young now, when she gets older and daddy has to leave, I want them to be able to swap monters.  I plan on sticking a nice daddy and Boo picture in her back pocket.  I am currently in love with the chevron print and of course it wouldn't be a Cindy monster without a bow on her head!  Now lets see if the hubby will actually carry this cute thing around.

Though I didn't necessarly have the time, I went to a crafting group get together and had a lot of fun!  I love those girls.  They are so encouraging.  They said I should teach a basic sewing class and oh my how I would love that.  My biggest passion is teaching of course.

I put my lovely friend Alicia to work hehe.  I taught her how to make fabric flowers and man her first pancake was amazing!  Not a flop like mine was.  She was kind enough to give those beauties to me after.

Some gals scrap booked

and some knitted.

Boo also had a little fun too.  She got to chew on lots of toy cars thanks to this cute little man.

The cherry on top is I also have new strap cozees to show but I only got to photgraph one of them [and this one sold right away so it won't be available until the first week of Oct.].  Maybe this week I'll show you the others!  They are so stinkin cute.
Even though I put way too much on my plate that last week, it was all worth it.  I now plan on doing a whole lotta nothing!  Hope you all have a very relaxing Saturday too.

The Perfect Trip

Friday, September 16, 2011

If you travel, you know that it can be super de duper stressful.  Add a baby, some baby gear to the mix and the stress factor sky rockets.  For this reason, I have been dreading my trip home with Boo especially since we didn't have daddy's extra set of hands and sanity.  The idea of flying Space A just made my stomach churn with all those uncertainties!  I have been praying all week for smooth and safe travels and let me tell you.... God answers prayers. 

I first have to thank those kind and generous friends I have who have helped during this time.  You know who you are and know that I am truly truly truly grateful for your help. 

Right now, I am still in awe at how smooth it all was.  It's like God planned it out perfectly for us and it boggles my mind.  This morning I even had this boost of cofidence and the fear I felt all week was just gone.  My own husband is stunned that I traveled and did everything that I did with so much confidence because I always rely on him to take care of everything [yes I am spoiled].

But the story starts this morning.  I tried to catch a flight [I was ready to go at 3am] but it got cancelled.  Normal me would have been so sad, but in the car I just told God I knew he had something better for us so I wasn't going to fretI slept a little and lo and behold another flight came up that was leaving in the afternoon time and the destination was exactly where we needed to go.  This flight was even better than the one that got cancelled.  It was perfect.

In a flash, things came together [perfectly] and next thing I know I am checking in to get onto this flight.  I just missed the roll call but because there were more than 100 seats open the girl made it happen for me to get on the flight.  Two bags and stroller checked, car seat in hand and $58 dollars later I was waiting at the boarding gate [$58 dollars to fly non stop from Germany to the East Coast?!?! Can't beat that!!!].  Five minutes later, we were boarding *big smile* as I didn't have to play the waiting game.

So far so good, but it only gets better.  Because there were so many seats,  Boo and I got our own row!  One seat for her car seat, one seat for me, and one for her to play on.  She fell asleep right at take off. 

Woke up to play a little. 

Started to get a little tired again.

Fell asleep for the remainder of the flight and then woke up as we landed.  She was the perfect little traveler!  She didn't cry at all [which really surprises me].

I am the third to leave the plane, first to pass through the passport check.  A man offers to load my bags onto my push cart.  I pointed as he grabbed. SWEET!

As I am leaving I hear cheering and clapping.  Operation Welcome Home Maryland was there to give everyone on the flight the sweetest welcome I have ever expereinced. 

 As the rental car shuttle pulls up, the man waiting with me loads all my bags.  Another gets up so we could sit.  When we arrive, one unloads my bags while the other buys us a cart and they both load it.  Thanking Jesus for every kind stranger who has helped us thus far.

As I get the rental car, the agent waives my underage fee [woo hoo].   The rental guy outside tells me he will go get the car and pull it up to the front for me.  As he leaves, another worker randomly walks by and before I can even touch a bag, he loads all my bags in the car for me.  Simply touched by the kindness of these strangers.

Right when she gets in the car Boo falls asleep and doesn't wake up until we arrive.  When we get out of the car, I can't help but how truly amazing this trip was.  I can't help but feel that God was there with me every step of the way.  Everything and I mean everything went perfect

He heard my prayers, calmed my fears, and brought people along the way to help me each step of the way. 

To sum it up: God is good.  Grateful for good friends Amazed at the kindness of strangers.

Pretty Much Sums it Up

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My life all summed up in one picture.  As I was editing this picture, I thought "she is the light in my darkness".  Along with Jesus, she helps get me through the rough days.

Big deep sigh. Gotta get back to work.  Requesting prayers that I can finish all that needs to get done and still have my sanity when it's over!  But not to be worried, there is no major crisis in my life.  I just have the college finals week feeling and hectic-ness. 

I Couldn't Help Myself

Monday, September 12, 2011

This week I am most definitely playing catch up! YIKES! Susy Singer [that would be my sewing machine] and I don't have much time left together so I am trying to get as many cozees done.  I was on a roll today until I ran out of thread!  Big fat BOOO.  Since I am waiting for my new fabric, I have been playing with some scraps.  I couldn't help myself with this new strap cover.  I had to have it and it happened to match my outfit perfectly that day [hehehe].

Aren't those colors goooorrreous!?

But I made another so if you like it you can go get it in my etsy shop.

New headbands are also on my list of to do's.  I made some for my cousin's daughter and will soon be making some fabric flower ones for Boo.

I have been busy taking pictures of stuff with my lovely drooly assistant.

And mainly trying to get cozees posted for sale and fixing the photo albums on my facebook page.  I think I have finally settled on showing off products through collages.  What do you think? [Hehe don't you love that facebook tells you what you were doing on the exact day last year.... I was pregnant and of course dreaming of fast food] 

I really should be cleaning up the huge mess the Mullen tornado made in the house over the weekend but I can't help it, I just want to craft.  Hope you all are having a happy Monday. 
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