Monday, September 12, 2011

I Couldn't Help Myself

This week I am most definitely playing catch up! YIKES! Susy Singer [that would be my sewing machine] and I don't have much time left together so I am trying to get as many cozees done.  I was on a roll today until I ran out of thread!  Big fat BOOO.  Since I am waiting for my new fabric, I have been playing with some scraps.  I couldn't help myself with this new strap cover.  I had to have it and it happened to match my outfit perfectly that day [hehehe].

Aren't those colors goooorrreous!?

But I made another so if you like it you can go get it in my etsy shop.

New headbands are also on my list of to do's.  I made some for my cousin's daughter and will soon be making some fabric flower ones for Boo.

I have been busy taking pictures of stuff with my lovely drooly assistant.

And mainly trying to get cozees posted for sale and fixing the photo albums on my facebook page.  I think I have finally settled on showing off products through collages.  What do you think? [Hehe don't you love that facebook tells you what you were doing on the exact day last year.... I was pregnant and of course dreaming of fast food] 

I really should be cleaning up the huge mess the Mullen tornado made in the house over the weekend but I can't help it, I just want to craft.  Hope you all are having a happy Monday. 


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