Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Joke is on Me

Yesterday was such a sad day.... *insert sad sad sad face*.  I didn't think it would be, but I guess the joke is on me because it was awful. 

Since the baby was born it has been really difficult for me to take care of her and our dog Charlie, especially since my hubby has been gone a lot for work.  Yup it's usually just me and the two C's. 

Ever since I booked his flight I have been so excited for him to go and to have just a little less responsibility.  As for Charlie?  I think he knew what was to come and he was pretty sad, not to mention he was peeing in the house all week so I know he knew.

Yesterday morning I was ready to say "see ya" but after we left I started bawling like a baby!  Even as I write this I just want to cry.  For one I feel so guilty for wanting Charlie gone so bad, because I have come to realize he is apart of our family.  Just look at how these two have bonded!

They love to give each other kisses.  He would lick her and she would open her mouth and laugh [gross!].  My two little trouble makers!

Now that he is gone the house just feels so empty.  Everytime I see his bed or dog bowl I get a little sad.  Big sigh.... Darn my husband for being right all the time!  He secretly knew I was going to miss Charlie and regret all those times I wanted him gone.
Good ol Charlie has been with us since we got engaged.  He lived with Randy until we got married so I didn't really get to know him...
Until we took our long road trip to our first home, Mississippi [this dog has traveled with us everywhere!].  He was such a good boy and he peed on every brush across the country. 

We had some good times....  For our first Halloween as a family, I even hand sewed him a costume and he won 1st place, a big box of doggy treats!

We took him with us when we moved to Germany and he adjusted well even though we were stuck in the hotel forever.

He always kept me company when my hubby was away.  Charlie would crack us up and I have to admit he was a good little snuggler. 

Even though I know it was for the best and that our family back home will take good care of him while we are over here, I can't help but miss him. 


  1. You will see him soon!!!! I know you love him.

  2. Just made me cry! He's such a good doggy! Don't worry about him we love him so much and he won everybody's heart (including Brian's!) from the moment he walked into our house :) as I was putting Lauren to bed he was snuggling on the couch with Brian! Yes Brian! He's is been so well behaved and we love him here :) thank you for letting us take care of him :) he is keeping me company as I crochet my orders <3 just a sweet heart :)

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