Saturday, September 17, 2011


It feels so good to be relaxing and to have no responsibilities.  I am officially on vacation for the next two weeks.  I made the mistake of overbooking myself the week before we left and things got pretty crazy.  My poor house paid the price as I left it a mess.  It still makes me cringe knowing my house is sitting there a mess.  For some odd reason everyone decided they wanted to order stuff that week so  on top of my to do's, I was running around selling too.  But I can't I really complain about that!

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Things were so hectic I never even got the chance to show you some of the things I was working on.  I got lots and lots of crafting and sewing done.  First, let me introduce you to my new monsters.  I am considering taking custom orders of these when I get back to Germany but not really sure if I am ready for that yet.  We will see...  Don't they look so cute holding hands!

I made an ABU monsta for Boo awhile back to help her when daddy leaves and a friend saw it and decided she wanted one for herself.  It made me happy.  This is Roth Monsta and he too has a schnazzy back pocket to hold pictures or letters or whatever her heart fancies.

I also made the Cindy Monsta.  Even though she is too young now, when she gets older and daddy has to leave, I want them to be able to swap monters.  I plan on sticking a nice daddy and Boo picture in her back pocket.  I am currently in love with the chevron print and of course it wouldn't be a Cindy monster without a bow on her head!  Now lets see if the hubby will actually carry this cute thing around.

Though I didn't necessarly have the time, I went to a crafting group get together and had a lot of fun!  I love those girls.  They are so encouraging.  They said I should teach a basic sewing class and oh my how I would love that.  My biggest passion is teaching of course.

I put my lovely friend Alicia to work hehe.  I taught her how to make fabric flowers and man her first pancake was amazing!  Not a flop like mine was.  She was kind enough to give those beauties to me after.

Some gals scrap booked

and some knitted.

Boo also had a little fun too.  She got to chew on lots of toy cars thanks to this cute little man.

The cherry on top is I also have new strap cozees to show but I only got to photgraph one of them [and this one sold right away so it won't be available until the first week of Oct.].  Maybe this week I'll show you the others!  They are so stinkin cute.
Even though I put way too much on my plate that last week, it was all worth it.  I now plan on doing a whole lotta nothing!  Hope you all have a very relaxing Saturday too.


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