Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pathetic? Yes, I know....

So all week all I have done is this [hehehe].  Pathetic?  Yes, it is but in my defense I don't have my sewing machine so I can't really work much.  Okay lame-o excuse because I could have precut a ton of fabric but I didn't.... 

I tried to get a really nice picture but well, we got a little interrupted by these precious little hands.  She kept trying to eat them.

We had such a crazy busy week before we left Germany that I just couldn't get myself to do anything but sit, play, watch tv, and shop.  Target has already seen me three times and the outlets down the street are just calling my name [all the time].  Having self control is pretty hard being stateside..I will probably pay for this lazy vacation later with The Threadery right around the corner.  Oh well I guess.  It was well worth it and soaking my brain with a Law and Order SVU marathon was just uuuh-mazing.

So what have we been doing? 

Lots of eating.  This has to be the cutest pinto bean gotees I have ever seen.  And isn't that high chair adorable!?!  It's at least 20 years old.

She loves watching the dogs when she eats. 

She has been doing lots and LOTS of exploring! 

And waiting for the rain to go away so we can go for a walk.

Now my hubby is here to join us so I have pretty much given up the idea that I will be working on anything while I am here.  Poor lonely fabric in my suitcase!  Hope you all have a splendid weekend. I know I will!!!


  1. She looks bigger already. Her hair is thicker too. When you get to California send me a number I can call and chat and hear all about Cindy Lynn. Miss you and glad you are having fun. Auntie Marlaine

  2. PS the flowers are are so talented.

  3. She's getting oh so big!
    Ehem - fabric flower tutorial please!!!

  4. Ahhh your little one is sooo cute! I just love seeing photos of her lol. Those flowers are very cute!! You should add a couple of those to a camera strap or something - super chic! hehe ;)

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