Friday, September 16, 2011

The Perfect Trip

If you travel, you know that it can be super de duper stressful.  Add a baby, some baby gear to the mix and the stress factor sky rockets.  For this reason, I have been dreading my trip home with Boo especially since we didn't have daddy's extra set of hands and sanity.  The idea of flying Space A just made my stomach churn with all those uncertainties!  I have been praying all week for smooth and safe travels and let me tell you.... God answers prayers. 

I first have to thank those kind and generous friends I have who have helped during this time.  You know who you are and know that I am truly truly truly grateful for your help. 

Right now, I am still in awe at how smooth it all was.  It's like God planned it out perfectly for us and it boggles my mind.  This morning I even had this boost of cofidence and the fear I felt all week was just gone.  My own husband is stunned that I traveled and did everything that I did with so much confidence because I always rely on him to take care of everything [yes I am spoiled].

But the story starts this morning.  I tried to catch a flight [I was ready to go at 3am] but it got cancelled.  Normal me would have been so sad, but in the car I just told God I knew he had something better for us so I wasn't going to fretI slept a little and lo and behold another flight came up that was leaving in the afternoon time and the destination was exactly where we needed to go.  This flight was even better than the one that got cancelled.  It was perfect.

In a flash, things came together [perfectly] and next thing I know I am checking in to get onto this flight.  I just missed the roll call but because there were more than 100 seats open the girl made it happen for me to get on the flight.  Two bags and stroller checked, car seat in hand and $58 dollars later I was waiting at the boarding gate [$58 dollars to fly non stop from Germany to the East Coast?!?! Can't beat that!!!].  Five minutes later, we were boarding *big smile* as I didn't have to play the waiting game.

So far so good, but it only gets better.  Because there were so many seats,  Boo and I got our own row!  One seat for her car seat, one seat for me, and one for her to play on.  She fell asleep right at take off. 

Woke up to play a little. 

Started to get a little tired again.

Fell asleep for the remainder of the flight and then woke up as we landed.  She was the perfect little traveler!  She didn't cry at all [which really surprises me].

I am the third to leave the plane, first to pass through the passport check.  A man offers to load my bags onto my push cart.  I pointed as he grabbed. SWEET!

As I am leaving I hear cheering and clapping.  Operation Welcome Home Maryland was there to give everyone on the flight the sweetest welcome I have ever expereinced. 

 As the rental car shuttle pulls up, the man waiting with me loads all my bags.  Another gets up so we could sit.  When we arrive, one unloads my bags while the other buys us a cart and they both load it.  Thanking Jesus for every kind stranger who has helped us thus far.

As I get the rental car, the agent waives my underage fee [woo hoo].   The rental guy outside tells me he will go get the car and pull it up to the front for me.  As he leaves, another worker randomly walks by and before I can even touch a bag, he loads all my bags in the car for me.  Simply touched by the kindness of these strangers.

Right when she gets in the car Boo falls asleep and doesn't wake up until we arrive.  When we get out of the car, I can't help but how truly amazing this trip was.  I can't help but feel that God was there with me every step of the way.  Everything and I mean everything went perfect

He heard my prayers, calmed my fears, and brought people along the way to help me each step of the way. 

To sum it up: God is good.  Grateful for good friends Amazed at the kindness of strangers.


  1. perfect!!!! Glad you are safe!!!!!

  2. God is good!!! I am so glad you had a great flight. I am so happy you will get to be with your love! Miss you guys already. Have fun for me!

    xoxo Monique

  3. He is AMAZING! the heck did u get a 58$ ticket from Germany to the states?!
    something you need to share with this mommy of 3 :D
    Have fun!!

  4. That is wonderful! I'm glad everything went so well and that is such a steal for a plane ticket! My mom has some plane stories with us girls when we were stationed overseas and she flew home to the states: three little girls 3 years old and under! I got put in box under the seat to sleep :) since I was only 6 months! I guess military women do what needs to be done.

  5. Enjoy the Time you have over here...I know I remember the time when I went home form the States to Germany...and I felt just like you :)

  6. I am so happy you made is safe and sound. It is amazing what God can do as soon as we give him our fears and doubts. If we let God take control he does amazing things.

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