Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playing Oustide

My daughter is a little adventurer.  She loves getting into everything and exploring new places. One place I have noticed she has wanted to go to since we have been here is outside.  When she sees the dogs go, she just stands at the door looking longingly outside.  It is actually very adorable.

It has been a little rainy and gloomy here [so apparently we brought Germany weather with us].  Today was ab-SO-toot-a-loot-ly beautiful that I had to let her out.  Plus, she was such a good girl while I went shopping [oh yea!] that she deserved it.  She sat, crawled around, tasted grass, and had a great time!

Today, she got what  she wanted and so did I.  I got to go shopping and after 10 long months without Target it was UH-MAZING!  And just check out these darling sandals I got her for $2.  Yup you heard me right and they were the perfect size too. Score! [I just love those little wiggly toes]

We even played with the dog for a tid bit.  She is so cute.  She would come and bring us her ball so we could throw it.

At one point Boo hid her ball and I seriously had do idea how it got behind her back hehe.  Poor Tessy was looking all over for it!

I love spending time with my little Boo.  Thanks self timer for taking pictures of us!  Too bad automatic focus couldn't figure out where we were.

And if you are wondering which business cards I ordered.... well it came down to number three [which got the most votes].  Thanks to Celia I added a funky chevron background since I am in love with that print right now.  I really appreciate all of your input everyone!!!  Not too sure how I like them yet so I guess I'll wait to see them when they get in.  I guess it doesn't matter too much since I will only be using them at the Threadery. 


  1. love the turn out!! they look great ;)
    <3 the credit i got too hehehe

  2. I can't believe she hid the ball. I will send her ball soon. She is gifted. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Miss you!!! Auntie Marlaine

  3. The cards are great!! I really like the background. And little miss thang is so cute with her sandals!!

  4. Your little girl is adorable and the toes? I die. Baby toes are the cutest!

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