Pumpkin Patch Photo Shoot

Saturday, October 29, 2011

So I know we went to the pumpkin patch already but I didn't really get any good photos of Boo Bear by herself, so yup we went again.  Silly silly me, but after seeing these pictures I am so glad we did!!!  The day we went was perfect.  There weren't a ton of people and it wasn't 100 degrees outside!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet baby!  She is getting two teeth in so the drool is out of control right now.

We started in the pile of baby pumpkins.  We used her little Halloween monkey to get her attention. She kept getting distracted by the kids walking by.

Her excited expression when I told her she could pick out her pumpkin!!

Here is the one she picked!

Then we went to the big pumpkins where she of course played with the dirt!  The first pancake flop tutu didn't look to shabby on her either.
It was so nice to be able to walk around without a million people walking around and we got to take time picking our pumpkins.

Then we went to the giant pyramid of hay!  She just looks so darling!

And she wouldn't be my little adventurer if she didn't try to climb to the top.

Ahhh snort laugh!!!!

Here are the pumpkins that we picked.  The Krista pumpkin...

This is the mama pumpkin.

This is the baby pumpkin.

One last picture before we left, as if we didn't take enough already.

And I broke the rules. I wasn't suppose to put her in the cart, but I did....

Her First Pumpkin Patch

It isn't Halloween without a pumpkin patch and this was Boo Bear's very first one.  We went to a really cute one at this ranch that had pretty much everything a pumpkin patch should. 

The only problem was we went on a weekend and everyone and their mama was there! We didn't even get to buy pumpkins or take really nice pictures.  Plus it was super de duper hot.  In the 90's people, yup you heard me in the 90's in late October.  That is a scandal! 

Regardless we had a blast!!  We started the afternoon checking out all the scare crows.  We of course had to take one in front of the Cat in the Hat Scarecrow because she loves Dr. Suess.

Boo and cousin Krista took one with the tropical themed ones.

And just check out how cute the rest of these are!  I was cracking up at the Krowdashian.

Afterwards we went to the petting zoo where Boo got her first exposure to goats and my favorite sheeeeepp!

This little kid [and I am talking about the goat hehe] kept ramming into her little foot to get her attention but she wasn't that all impressed with him.

At this pumpkin patch they also had this pretty amazing corn maze.  Even in the heat and in my church clothes we went through the bumpy trail and got lost.  It was pretty fun trying to make our way out.

Boo hated the dead ends because it meant the stroller was going to stop for just a little bit.

By the end she was done.  Even in the heat and big crowd, we all had a blast and the pumpkin patch!

How to Make a Tutu

Friday, October 28, 2011

I am a big fan of holidays.  I love love love every part of it.  Because of the craziness in life I have not had the chance to really do all that I like to during this wonderful time when the leaves start to change and the fall chill comes creeping in.  We didn't break one tradition which  was heading out to the pumpkin patch.  This was Boo's first ever pumpkin patch so being the crazy mom that I am, I had to make her a very festive outfit.  I couldn't help it. 

This is the first time I have ever made a tutu so it was quite the learning expereince.  I have to say that this poor scraggily tutu was a big first pancake flop but thankfully that it turned out okay in the pictures.  Just a disclaimer that there are probably a million different ways to make tutu's but this was just how I did it.

So you need some tulle and elastic.  I got 2.5 yards of tulle and measured the elastic to fit Boo's waist.  The width of the strips of tulle make a big difference on how the tutu will look.  I wish I would have cut the strips a lot thicker!  Figure out how long you want your tutu then double that measurement and that is the length of the tulle strips.

After sewing the elastic together I put it around my leg and started knotting the tulle onto it.  I folded the tulle in half and slid the closed side under the elastic.

Then put the two bottom ends through the loop.

Then pull the two loose ends down.

Push it aside and keep building that tutu.  The thicker the strips, the less time it will take. 

Then before you know it you have the makings of an adorable tutu.  When it is all finished, you can trim the ends so they are even.

Because I lost Boo's black headband I decided to just make her a new and more festive one.  No joke this took me like 10 minutes to make!!  Super easy and super cute. 

Pair these two with a Halloweenie bib [thanks cousin Krista] and she was all set and ready to go to the pumpkin patch!! 

We had a blast and the outfit was perfect!!  Here is a sneak peak and one of my favorites from the day.

Nothing Has Changed

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We may have been friends for years, but the random craziness of our friendship has never changed.  Tonight my bestie Nee Beans came over and we baked my awesome banana muffins at 10:00 pm hehehe.  Why?  Because the bananas were on the verge of being too old to use and  when I called she answered. 

[Please excuse the blurry pics.  It was late and I totally forgot the camera was on the manual focus. Whooopsies!]

Meet Jeanine, my best friend since we were 16.  Yup, we get silly and crazy together.  See how over ripe those bananas are?! 

She is the kind of friend I can call after not having talked for months and  feel like we just saw each other yesterday.  Even though I have moved all over the place we have always stayed friends. 

We have fun times cracking up about things I bet no one else would think is funny.  Like my cute outfit with these socks and Christmas apron [my excuse for the goofy socks is I was wearing boots earlier].  We are like two giggling high school girls all over again. 
I love having nights like tonight.

Plus, these muffins are so yummy I couldn't wait for them to come out of the oven. 

Just a tip if you are ever making these... I used real butter for the crumble instead of the country crock and I didn't realize real butter melts super fast!!  Be sure to pu tit in the freezer so teh crumbles don't melt until they are in the oven.

Sometimes I just need girl time and those muffins came out so yummy!  Yup even Nee Beans was impressed.

It's Over

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I can happily say that the Threadery is OVER and my simple life is back to normal.  It was wonderful and Nicole and Kristen did an amazing job putting it together [you two girls are amazing!]

 Last week was one of the craziest weeks I have had and I haven't been that sleep deprived since college!!!  This picture, which was taken the night before of all the sutff we needed to load into the car perfectly describes last week..... a blur of sheer chaos!

Even though I had a blast meeting all the creative vendors and being inspired by their beautiful items, I am pretty sure that will be the last time I ever have a booth to sell stuff.  It is way too much work for this mama and I give all of you props out there who do it!  It is hard work making and selling stuff and I don't think I am made to do it! Here I am still working on things even though the event has already started.  

I do have a great inventory of stuff now but at the cost of losing time for blogging, posting updates, pictures for family, and sewing just for fun.  I really missed those things while I was pretending I was a factory.  But, now that it is over I can't wait for the days to come!  I have some really fun stuff to share and tutorials planned!!!

If it wasn't so late I would share all the pictures I have but it is way past my bedtime already.  Until the more extensive "how it all went" to be posted tomorrow, I leave you with this sneak peak of my teeny booth. 

Busy-ness Card Holders

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I bet if you didn't read the title of this post you would have thought these were a stack of passport cozees.  C'mon admit it!  I wish I could take credit for this very adorable idea but I have to thank Marcy from Perpetual Love.   

She contacted me a little over a week ago asking if the passport covers would hold business cards. I told her they would be way too big and I would make the passport cozee smaller to fit busy-ness cards and TADA. 

The design is essentially the same except they are made to fit the busy-ness cards.  I added the velcro on the inside so they close real tight and there is no room for business cards to go flying all over your purse.  That is the point of having one of these isn't it?  It kind of reminds me of those pastic velcro wallets that I had when I was a kid.

I would put about forty standard size cards in here [3.5 by 2] but they can certainly hold more.

The two pockets also allows you to put your cards in one side and collect cards from other vendors on the other side.  Pretty schnazzy.  I like them so much I am going to be bringing a few to the Threadery.

And speaking of business cards.  Remember the ones I designed?!  Well, I got them awhile back and forgot to share the finished product.  They came out pretty cute.  Not too shabby.

Ears Pierced

Friday, October 14, 2011

Okay, I promise that I am getting work done for the Threadery and sooner or later I will come up with pictures to prove it, but I am having way too much fun haning out with family and friends to really care.  That's right people, you heard me!  I am not stressed out about this market anymore and whatever I get finished making will just have to be enough.  Plus I plan on taking a break from selling after this is over but more on that later....

So, instead of working today I hung out with my cousin Krista and we had such a fun time.  You know, doing what girls do, chit chatting over a yummy meal at Panera.  Then, as we were driving home, I saw the mall and thought "hey we should get the baby's ears pierced".  No one at this point has wanted to come with me [not even her daddy who would probably have had a broken heart to see go through such pain for beauty].

But Krista was awesome and was so down to go.  This was completely unplanned so I didn't have my camera or even a stroller in the car to stroll her to Claires.   So, the pictures are a combo of phone and some I took after the deed was done. 

Don't those little ears looks so cute and isn't that dress darling?!  Krista, you have the best taste! 

But it wasn't all peaches and cream.  When we got there I had to fill out some paper work and stuff so we buttered her up with a lollipop.  She had no idea what was coming her way!

My mother in law warned me that it would be a traumatic experience and I am glad she exagerrated it because afterwards I felt like it wasn't so bad.  I held her down and they poked one ear.  She cried.  Then the other ear. And she cried.  Poor thing!  She did give the lady the meanest look between her sad little wimper.  Her death stare kind of made us all giggle though.  After a few minutes she all better and TADA!

Aren't they cute!?  I just hope she doesn't grow up and want to put more holes in her ears hehe.  She was all better in no time and playing with her toys.  It looks like she is eating the poor little helpless puppy but she is actually giving him big slobbery kisses.  She was fussy today but who could blame her after getting two holes in her ears. 

I would say a pretty darn good excuse for not getting on my sewing machine today. 
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