Friday, October 14, 2011

Ears Pierced

Okay, I promise that I am getting work done for the Threadery and sooner or later I will come up with pictures to prove it, but I am having way too much fun haning out with family and friends to really care.  That's right people, you heard me!  I am not stressed out about this market anymore and whatever I get finished making will just have to be enough.  Plus I plan on taking a break from selling after this is over but more on that later....

So, instead of working today I hung out with my cousin Krista and we had such a fun time.  You know, doing what girls do, chit chatting over a yummy meal at Panera.  Then, as we were driving home, I saw the mall and thought "hey we should get the baby's ears pierced".  No one at this point has wanted to come with me [not even her daddy who would probably have had a broken heart to see go through such pain for beauty].

But Krista was awesome and was so down to go.  This was completely unplanned so I didn't have my camera or even a stroller in the car to stroll her to Claires.   So, the pictures are a combo of phone and some I took after the deed was done. 

Don't those little ears looks so cute and isn't that dress darling?!  Krista, you have the best taste! 

But it wasn't all peaches and cream.  When we got there I had to fill out some paper work and stuff so we buttered her up with a lollipop.  She had no idea what was coming her way!

My mother in law warned me that it would be a traumatic experience and I am glad she exagerrated it because afterwards I felt like it wasn't so bad.  I held her down and they poked one ear.  She cried.  Then the other ear. And she cried.  Poor thing!  She did give the lady the meanest look between her sad little wimper.  Her death stare kind of made us all giggle though.  After a few minutes she all better and TADA!

Aren't they cute!?  I just hope she doesn't grow up and want to put more holes in her ears hehe.  She was all better in no time and playing with her toys.  It looks like she is eating the poor little helpless puppy but she is actually giving him big slobbery kisses.  She was fussy today but who could blame her after getting two holes in her ears. 

I would say a pretty darn good excuse for not getting on my sewing machine today. 


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