Saturday, October 8, 2011

Even More Independent

It seems that not to long ago I was telling you my baby girl was 7 months oldWOW how the time is flying and it boggles my how fast things can change in just one month.

8 months old, holding her own bottle and still cute as a button.  Those darling little eyes and half smile seriously melt my heart every time!

She still gives the best kisses ever and if you are lucky enough you will get a slobbery one right on the cheek.  If you can make her laugh you are in for a real treat because she has the most adorable laugh in the world!

And if I thought she was curious before, she is even more curious now!  You can see it on her face when she studies something or someone.  She knows what she wants and in this picture she wants the lens cover that is in my hand hehe.

Sheis a speedy crawler and holds just about anything to stand.  I love it when she stands on her tippy toes and I hope she will want to dance ballet one day!

And when she feels comfortable, she stands on her own without holding onto anything  for a just a few seconds, she is doing the spider crawl, and if she could she would probably take off running right now.  And did I mention the drool is just out of control?! 

I know I always say it, but she is growing up so much faster than what I feel comfortable with.  I know when she turns one I will cry.  Little miss independent always looking for a new adventure.

I am truly blessed to be her mom!


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