Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun with Vinyl

My full intention was to post this yesterday but as the pictures were loading, the internet DIED! I did everything to try to fix it and it turns out the router is broke, or I mean broken [boo!!].
As you may or may not know I have been working on some new things just for fun. Right now I love working with vinyl. I love that it looks like leather but isn't and that you can wipe it clean if something spills on it. I have been dreaming about working with it for weeks and just look at how purdy it is!!!

 This gray one is for my sister and it is her temporary ipad case. She really wants a Hello Kitty one but because The Threadery is right around the corner I don't have the time to make her a really nice one with a felt Hello Kitty so I whipped this one up really quick.  Shame on me because her birthday was a month ago.

Not too shabby for a first pancake flop, though it most definitely is a flop. I guess I didn't make the flower thick enough and you can see the stitching. Next time I will have to use gray thread so it isn't so obvious.

 My favorite part is the print on the inside. Isn't it gorgeous!?!  I love it!!

One tip about vinyl is don't order it online unless you kow for sure how it feels. I was in Germany so I really didn't have a choice but now that I am stateside, the next time I buy vinyl it will for sure be in person.

Now this cute little beauty is my new diaper clutch [but it can really be used for anything]! Isn't it darling!! I can't wait to make one for myself especially since somewhere along our travels my diaper cozee got lost. I am in love with the color and of course the gigantic bow in the front.

 I wish I could show you the lining because it is to die for but you will just have to wait. I plan on covering the wipes case in the same print as the lining so when it's done I will show and tell.

I am for sure bringing these to the threadery but due to the time crunch I will only have a few.... but I am considering taking orders for this but we shall see!


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