Saturday, October 29, 2011

Her First Pumpkin Patch

It isn't Halloween without a pumpkin patch and this was Boo Bear's very first one.  We went to a really cute one at this ranch that had pretty much everything a pumpkin patch should. 

The only problem was we went on a weekend and everyone and their mama was there! We didn't even get to buy pumpkins or take really nice pictures.  Plus it was super de duper hot.  In the 90's people, yup you heard me in the 90's in late October.  That is a scandal! 

Regardless we had a blast!!  We started the afternoon checking out all the scare crows.  We of course had to take one in front of the Cat in the Hat Scarecrow because she loves Dr. Suess.

Boo and cousin Krista took one with the tropical themed ones.

And just check out how cute the rest of these are!  I was cracking up at the Krowdashian.

Afterwards we went to the petting zoo where Boo got her first exposure to goats and my favorite sheeeeepp!

This little kid [and I am talking about the goat hehe] kept ramming into her little foot to get her attention but she wasn't that all impressed with him.

At this pumpkin patch they also had this pretty amazing corn maze.  Even in the heat and in my church clothes we went through the bumpy trail and got lost.  It was pretty fun trying to make our way out.

Boo hated the dead ends because it meant the stroller was going to stop for just a little bit.

By the end she was done.  Even in the heat and big crowd, we all had a blast and the pumpkin patch!


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