Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Over

I can happily say that the Threadery is OVER and my simple life is back to normal.  It was wonderful and Nicole and Kristen did an amazing job putting it together [you two girls are amazing!]

 Last week was one of the craziest weeks I have had and I haven't been that sleep deprived since college!!!  This picture, which was taken the night before of all the sutff we needed to load into the car perfectly describes last week..... a blur of sheer chaos!

Even though I had a blast meeting all the creative vendors and being inspired by their beautiful items, I am pretty sure that will be the last time I ever have a booth to sell stuff.  It is way too much work for this mama and I give all of you props out there who do it!  It is hard work making and selling stuff and I don't think I am made to do it! Here I am still working on things even though the event has already started.  

I do have a great inventory of stuff now but at the cost of losing time for blogging, posting updates, pictures for family, and sewing just for fun.  I really missed those things while I was pretending I was a factory.  But, now that it is over I can't wait for the days to come!  I have some really fun stuff to share and tutorials planned!!!

If it wasn't so late I would share all the pictures I have but it is way past my bedtime already.  Until the more extensive "how it all went" to be posted tomorrow, I leave you with this sneak peak of my teeny booth. 


  1. Oh I just can wait to see them all! I need some for my blog too lol! Love you and had so much fun doing this craziness together my sis!

  2. Good job girlie!! Let me know what you have left over because I still need another passport case! Miss you and Cindy! - Kim

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