Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mount Vernon

I seriously hate being behind!! I am behind on posting, on responding to emails, on sewing, aaccck just so much.  I did start putting my sewing coner up and to show it off but soon.  Hopefully, by Monday I will be caught up, settled, and all will be right in the world again.  I told you about our trip to DC so today I am continuing my story of our wonderful Virginia trip to show you our visit to Mount Vernon.

I loved it!!!!  Other than the Lincoln Memorial I really wanted to see the place our first president lived. I only wish the sky was not raining so we could walk around more but I can't complain.  It was so beautiful and just a neat place to visit.

Here we are walking up to the house.  You have no idea just how giddy and exicted I am right here.

Now I wish I could have taken pictures of the inside of the house but they wouldn't let me.  It was soo cool and beautiful.  I actually learned a little bit too.   I can just picture Mr. and Mrs. Washington sitting here on their porch enjoying the sights.
I just love it!!!

Boo did too.

I'm a southern bell deep down in my heart.  I just love the greenery and humidity.

And we had to get at least one family picture in.

As we were leaving it started raining so we were rushing to get stuff together. I placed Boo on this little porch so I can pack the stuff together and she looked so cute.  She was smiling at these strangers walking by.

There were so many things to see there but we just couldn't get to it all because of the stinky rain.  We did get to see some like the slaves quarters and this is where they made shoes.

We stopped by to get a snack and she couldn't help but have some ice cream.  She is most definitely my daughter!

Because of the weather we spent the rest of the day at the museum they had.  I love d it here and can't wait to come back to see the rest of it!


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