Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Dress New Desk

I can proudly say that since Monday I have gotten some sewing done!  Not nearly as much as I would have liked to, but I do have an active 8 month old.  I made a ton of passport covers that I will show you later since they need to be  photographed and did some selfish sewing and made Boo Bear a new dress.

My cousin in law bought me a stack of super cute fabric and I just couldn't help myself. I had to create something other than a cozee!  Plus it has been forever since I have made my little pumpkin a new dress so it was most definitely time.  It has been ri-donkey-lous-ly hot here in Cali [except today of course] and my little German baby is just not use to that.  I hate seeing her in a diaper so this little Around the House Dress is perfect.

The material is so lightweight, it's some form of chiffon or something.  The dress is super basic and a twist from the pillow case dress.  If fall wasn't right around the corner I would do a tutorial, maybe next spring.  It may be strange but I prefer to tie it in to back rather than on her shoulder.  [Isn't her baby bed head so cute?! hehe] 

I was hoping to make more but the weather seems to be cooling down.  Of course the past few days  have been warm and today, the day I finish the dress it is chilly.  Go figure.   And yes, that is an empty spool in her mouth.  Never too early to get her acquianted with crafty things. 

So, Boo got a new dress and I got my new desk. I have my own little crafting nook.  Hip hip hooray! It is in her nursery but it's okay because we parallel play sometimes hehe.  She watches her Barney while I sew.  And since she is too big for the changing table that is attached to her crib I actually use it for more counter space.  And okay I took the top drawer of the attached dresser too.  It's never to early for her to learn to share.  It is looking a little empty and a little random right now but over the next few weeks I really hope to make it beautiful and functional.  Bland and random as it is, I love having my own little sewing space again.


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