Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nothing Has Changed

We may have been friends for years, but the random craziness of our friendship has never changed.  Tonight my bestie Nee Beans came over and we baked my awesome banana muffins at 10:00 pm hehehe.  Why?  Because the bananas were on the verge of being too old to use and  when I called she answered. 

[Please excuse the blurry pics.  It was late and I totally forgot the camera was on the manual focus. Whooopsies!]

Meet Jeanine, my best friend since we were 16.  Yup, we get silly and crazy together.  See how over ripe those bananas are?! 

She is the kind of friend I can call after not having talked for months and  feel like we just saw each other yesterday.  Even though I have moved all over the place we have always stayed friends. 

We have fun times cracking up about things I bet no one else would think is funny.  Like my cute outfit with these socks and Christmas apron [my excuse for the goofy socks is I was wearing boots earlier].  We are like two giggling high school girls all over again. 
I love having nights like tonight.

Plus, these muffins are so yummy I couldn't wait for them to come out of the oven. 

Just a tip if you are ever making these... I used real butter for the crumble instead of the country crock and I didn't realize real butter melts super fast!!  Be sure to pu tit in the freezer so teh crumbles don't melt until they are in the oven.

Sometimes I just need girl time and those muffins came out so yummy!  Yup even Nee Beans was impressed.


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