Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sweetest Gift

It's Monday [and apparetly already October 3rd].  Goodness where is the time going?!  I was hoping to be all "caught up" but I am still a little behind.  I am an avid blog reader and love leaving comments and one day this week I am just going to sit and catch up on all my reading. 

Other than that I pretty much have gotten the ball rollin'.  Today I was so proud to get some passport cozees made for The Threadery and even started on a dress for my Boo.  By no means did I sew as much as I wanted to today but I guess it's a start.  I really gotta get that machine moving because the 22nd is peeking right around the corner!  AHH!  I hope to show you my new little sewing nook this week also.  I am already loving it!

I guess I have a pretty good excuse for not working though because everyone has been wanting to meet little Cindy Lynn.  And I can't blame them.  They have seen hundreds of pictures of her over the past eight months [yikes my baby is 8 months in a few days!!].  I like to say she is the main attraction and I am simply her groupie hehehe. 

Everyone, especially family has wanted a little piece of her and it makes me so happy and has kept us really busy.

And we have plenty more people to see and there are so many more family members who are ready to hold this precious little baby.

On top of the lovely welcome we recieved and going out to eat treats, Boo Bear and I have been showered by gifts and gifts! Books and toys and a hand made blanket and  hats and clothes and more clothes! You would have thought it was her first birthday with the amount of presents she has gotten [thanks fam bam you know who you are].

I even got some wonderful gifts including this one from my cousin in law Krista.  It is so unique and special I just had to share it!  I love it so much.  It is called a story braclet and a lady from her work makes them.  [Handmade gifts are the bestest!]

So follow along.  I am going to "read" it right off the paper it came with.  It starts with the three purple square beads.

3 Wise men followed a Star to find Jesus.

Jesus became a Carpenter and a fisher of men and souls.

He chose 12 disciples to preach and spread God's word
But because of sin, Jesus was crucified.  He shed his blood for our sins and on the first day he rose again.

And if you ask Him into your heart [and have a relationship with him], you can reside with him forever.

Isn't that so beautiful?  I just love that it tells a little story. 


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