Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 Months Old

Yup, another month has zipped on by leaving me thinking where did the time go?!  There is no denying that my baby is growing up. Puh puh puh....

I started this tradition of taking solo pictures of her each month and it seems the older she gets the harder it is for me to take these pictures!  I guess it didn't help that I waited until right before nap time to get these shots.  This was the only smile I got the entire time, but isn't it sweet.  I was doing her favorite sign, which is now "silly".

And poor thing, by the end she was giving me this "I'm tired leave me alone face".

But anyways, this past month was filled with lots of new things for her.  It is amazing how much these little munchkins can learn and grow in such a short time!  

She has taken her first steps...

And I was sure she would start walking, but she then decided she wasn't interterested in walking anymore and has stopped trying.  It makes me a little relieved because I am not ready for her to be up and walking yet... but then again I don't think I will ever be ready.

One of my favorite things that she has learned is how to say hello and goodbye.  It is almost as cute as those big slobbery kisses she likes to give!  She doesn't have full control over her arm so it is just funny seeing her wave it up and down like crazy hehehe.

We also experienced growing pains.  My poor Boo got two teeth at once and had a really rough time.  Fever, diahhrea, major craky-ness, sleepless nights, and the list goes on.  Poor thing!  But now that the teeth have broken through, she is back to her normal self again.

My beautiful baby girl, already 9 months old!  I can hardly believe it!


  1. she is so ADORABLE!! <3 (:
    what a beautiful baby :)

  2. So cute, she doesn't look like a little baby anymore, she is growing up!

    -Krista :)

  3. Yay Happy 9 Months!!! :) These pictures are adorable! Miss you guys


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