Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Came to my Rescue

Tonight, I finally went to visit my little sister's youth group [poor thing has asked me so many times to go already] and it was pretty awesome.  Sadly, I could only stay for the worship portion because I had to get back to my Boo, but it is amazing to me to see how pumped these teens are for God and how free they are when they worship.

The last song that we sang was from Hillsong called Came to my Rescue.  I haven't heard it in a long long long long time but the lyrics are so beautiful.  There was one part of the song that just hit me.....

I called you answered
And you came to my rescue and I
I wanna be where you are

It may not mean anything to you, but this simple phrase speaks volumes to me.  When I was 16, about the same age as everyone in that room, I called to God to rescue me and he did.  Yup here I am no makeup, no dye in my hair, just a crazy little teeny bopper hanging out in AP US History.....

In those 3 1/2 short minutes I had this flashback.  When I was a teeny teen I was a wreck and dare I say wild child.  I was a mess and just broken.  More than you could ever imagine.  But as soon as I placed my whole life in His hands, things changed.  It took time for me to mature and heal but it's undeniable.  It all started then and the first big blessing I recieved was this handsome fellow.  [I was turning 17 here... a new year for a new me].

If you knew me back then, you would have seen the miracle that has happened in my life.  I called and He answered.  He came to my rescue and didn't stop there.  He has blessed me in a way I wouldn't even think possible when I was 16.

It has been eight years since then [I'll do the math for you, I'm 24] and who knows where I would be today if God never rescued me.  I just can't help but be so thankful to Him for hearing my cry for help and turning my life around.  All I have, comes from Him.   I am so thankful to Him for giving me this wonderful priviledge to be a wife and mom to these two crazy kids.

And if you have never heard the song before, here it is.


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