Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carvin' em' Pumpkins

Yes yes yes I know Halloween is over but we have been so busy I didn't even get the chance to share so bear with me!  Remember the daddy, mommy, and baby pumpkins we picked out at the pumpkin patch?  We couldn't just leave them plain and boring so we spent an afternoon enjoying the ridiculously beautiful sunny California weather and carved them.

Cousin Krista came to join in on the fun and brought us all the carving tools.  Check out that green electric carver!  That thing is hard core hehe.

As you can see, I am very excited.

We took the tops off of each pumpkin and it kind of went down hill from there.

This little girl loved getting messy!

And if you know her, you know she loves to eat, so yup she tried some of the pumpkin.  She kept trying to eat it!  You would think after tasting it she would stop, but nope apparently not.

Curious to see how our pumpkins turned out?  Cousin Krista made a traditional pumpkin.

In honor of my wonderful hubby I made the daddy pumpkin.  I tried to make him scary, but as you can see it was a major fail.  He just looks cute and happy.

My lil sis made the Boo Boo pumpkin [and the mommy one too].  She did so good and those little pumpkins are not easy to carve at all!

And here is the family portrait of our pumpkins!  Daddy, mommy and Boo Boo.  Aren't they so cute?!



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