Friday, November 11, 2011

Monkey Slippers

May I first off say Happy Veteran's day to those who have and are serving our country.  Also, thanks to the military families and spouses for supporting their loved ones while they serve.

Now, let me introduce you to the most adorable thing in the world.... Mama J's monkey slippers.

Are they not the cutest or what?!  I wish I was talented enough to create something like this but I am not.  My sister in law from Nature Mamma Handmade made them for our mother in law for her birthday.

If you want to order a pair be sure to visit her facebook and contact her here.  If you crochet, be sure to stay tuned because she will be coming out with a pattern for these cute things.  You can purchase the children's version now on her etsy.

For now, she only has the monkey but who knows what other animals will be birthed in the next few months!  Fingers crossed that Santa brings me a pair \.

AND since winter is coming fast, she also made this cute headband/ear covers.  I love this color!!  So, if you aren't a fan already or haven't visited her page in awhile, be sure you do so HERE.

Ohhh and she is also haveing a cutie contest on her FB page.  You can check out the rules on her blog.  Enter your cutie for a chance to win whatever your heart desires.  Or go and vote for my cutie!


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