Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Card Bloopers

I have never ever waited so long to send out my Christmas cards or finish up the Christmas shopping!  My indifference is probably caused by the homesick wish oh wish on a falling star that my hubby was here by my side feeling.  I have been debating with myself since December 1st about doing plain cards, picture cards, getting pictures done, blah blah blah and after venting to cousin Krista, I finally decided to kick it in gear and just get them done!

I was planning on taking Boo to get her pictures done, but I just couldn't stomach the costHowever, after today, I think I will be leaving the picture taking to the professionals [or recruit an assistant]!  It was bonkers trying to take this little fire cracker's pictures.  She was all over the place!  I managed to get a few good shots but I thought I would share the funny bloopers.

I planned it out perfectly.... after nap time [when she is the happiest], I will dress her up and get to work.  Well, it worked and she was happy but she couldn't sit still.

So, I tried distractions and that didn't work out so well.  The ornaments were way to big.

And then onto a smaller distraction, like cheerios.  I just placed them on her dress and she would smile a little and eat a little.  And we would get a face like this once in awhile hehe. 

 But silly me, I left the box on the floor and as soon as she saw it, she zoomed right on over, wiggled the bag open, and put handfuls of cheerios in her own mouth.  Apparently, I wasn't giving her enough.  And she did a victorious cheer.
By now there was no stopping her.  Boo bear was all over the living room and so I sorta gave up and started playing too.  We played a little peek a boo.
Then back to the pictures with one last try with those cheerios.  All I got were more of these faces.
By now she was telling me she was done.

It was no easy task getting the pictures!  And the only way to really get her to smile and laugh was by showing her da-da's picture!  She would see our wedding picture and say dada and smile and walk towards it.  And of course kiss it.  [Can we say, daddy's girl].

It was an adventure trying to get her pictures taken, but worth it since I didn't have to give up an arm and leg.  They ended up looking okay.  I was in such a hurry I just printed them at Walmart [BIG mistake!] because Costco has a way better deal and such better quality [not to mention the envelopes Walmart gave me were so cheap]!  And since I have my Grinch crown on I might just add they always print my pictures with this strange yellowish tint.  OKAY enough of the complaining.  I am just so glad I got the cards done and sent out. 

And while I was getting stamps at the post office I realized it was December 16th. Seriously?!!? Where is the time going?!


  1. aww! I'm sure they came out perfect! & hey, candid/real-time shots are the BEST! I've been taking my girls' Christmas photo cards for 4 years now & it's wayyyyy better than hiring a professional! You've got the camera girl!! Next year try Shutterfly, Snapfish, Tiny Prints out - that's who I've used throughout the years!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS - good to be home - but still missing your hubbs..Know he's with you in spirit! God Bless!

    ps. LOVE Cindy's extra large almond eyes!! -reminds me of Alanna's when she was younger!!

  2. I just love getting pictures of my baby. I miss her so much. Hurry to your Germany home. xoxo

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