Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every Christmas Eve for as long as I could remember [since I was about 5] my family has gone to my Tito and Tita's apartment building [aka the rock] for the big Christmas Eve Bash!  It is always a blast and the only times I have not gone is when we were to far to join in on the fun.

Now that I have my own little family, I wanted to start our own little family traditions because I am a traditions kind of a person.  One of those traditions started when Boo Boo was just a 7 months old in my belly. For some reason, on Christmas Eve I decided I had to have Christmas pajamas so I jumped on my sewing machine, found a few scraps of fabric and attached them as a trim to my shorts and embellished a white shirt with a Christmas tree.  Pathetic, I know,  but it came out okay and all that mattered was that I had Christmas pajamas!  [I was showing off my new boots, which were a life saver for my cold swelling preggo feet.]  Oh snow how I missed you so this year!  I can't believe I am actually sharing this picture considering I was all ick, but at least Charlie looked cute in his little Christmas sweater.

This year, I really really really wanted to make Cindy Lynn some super cute Christmas pj's but there was just no time [maybe next year].  I was realistic and as soon as pj's went on sale at target I snagged them!  So, while we were at the rock for Christmas Eve and right before bedtime, my beautiful Boo opened her Christmas Eve gift with me, my brother, and sister's.

There was a little playing with the tissue...

And after some fussing, we put on her first pair of Christmas pajamas!  Aren't they the cutest!!! She looks like such a big girl!

I just love Christmas traditions and Christmas pajamas.  She woke up, we drove home and opened even more gifts!  [the Christmas update will come soonish]. 

If I am actually able to keep this tradition, by the time she is 18 she will have 18 pairs of Christmas pajamas [hehehe].  What are some of your traditions?!


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