Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Faves

Today I had this thought...  When you are a kid, Christmas can't seem to come soon enough.  When you are an adult, Christmas seems to come too soon!  Isn't that the truth?!

Well, it seems to be coming so fast and I guess after getting the most important gifts out to my hubby I just decided to take a break.  It's also not easy going shopping with a very active 10 month old.  To top it off, she has been sick all week fighting a viral infection.  Boy oh boy! All I have done the past few days is lay around tending to my sick baby.   But she has been a trooper because we did go out to do some shopping. 

Well on to the Christmas faves.  One of my Christmas faves is wrapping gifts!  I love love love it.  I know a lot of people hate it, but I can't get enough.  I will even wrap gift cards in a shirt box just to wrap a box hehe.

Here are some of my Christmas favorites [most are from Costco]:

These absolutely adorable gift labels!  They are the cutest and 60 for $8, they are a steal.  Just look at those Christmas lights on Snoopy's dog house.

 Stocking stuffers are another Christmas fave!  I sent my hubby a really cute knit one filled with random things.  This year's fave stocking stuffer is for my brother in laws.  I got them this hilarious book.  I know it's for tweens but it's so funny!!  It's an easy read and a great alternative to the usual socks and underwear. 

Now this is my absolute favorite that I even bought one for myself.  It is a great gift for super price.  If I could, I would have bought myself two.  It's a greeting card box filled with beautiful handmade greeting cards.  30 cards for $18!  That is a steal and they are each beautifully made.  I just love it! 

Now it isn't Christmas without peppermint!! I love peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint Hershey Kisses, and thanks to Auntie Marlaine I am now in love with these peppermint biscotti.  I have one every morning with my coffee.

What are some of your Christmas faves?


  1. Hey Pattylicious! So you went back and got those christmas tags I see ;] Lol, I was excited to wrap up my gifts too just because of those tags. You convinced me about those greeting cards too. I was thinking about them today and wanted to get them. Maybe when I have chance to go back I will..

  2. 1. White Christmas lights
    2. getting boxes of See's Chocolates
    3. using ceramic pitchers labeled "Hot Coco"
    4. Burning holiday candle scents
    5. Christmas music while the sun rises or end of the day
    6. The quiet moments where the family is writing their "wants" before we all put our names in a hat for Secret Santas
    7. Having an excuse to be a little messy around the house because your either; baking,cooking, or decorating
    8. Celebrating Jesus' birth!!!
    9. N*Sync Christmas CD
    10. FAMILY!

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