Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dr Seuss Invitations Semi-Done

I have taken a short hiatus from the holiday crafting to work on something on the to do list... invitations.   I can't believe my precious little munchkin will be a year old in just two months!  Oh boy oh boy it goes by fast.  I am getting nervous thinking that her party is right around the corner that I have done lots of party planning this week.  Mainly just brainstorming.

I have made some progress on the invitations and I am so excited to share!  The other day I decided the colors will be a Suess-y red, blue, and yellow [yea a little boyish but oh well!].  I looked at a ton ton ton of invites thanks to google photos and decided on this look and wording:

I still can't believe I actually pulled this off.  I decided since there was so much color the black and white Cindy Lou needed to be colored in too [not an easy task folks].  It isn't completely finished because it feels like it needs more glitz and glam [or maybe I have been watching too much toddlers and tiaras hehe]  but I love the way it looks so far.  Cindy Lou's head is a little odd but the bow embellishment will cover it right up.  I am thinking about giving this as a freebie, if only I knew how to post the picture in 300dpi so it doesn't lose it's pixels when editing and printing. 

Maybe one day I will figure it out.  But I wish the design would just come already made and I can just print in the writing like with these really cute shower invitations I made today for my friend Kathryn.  I love that they came with this really cute sleeve and we both fell in love with the print.

The inside paper isn't just plain either, it has a very nice design on it!  I love Gartner Studios invitations.  I actually used their invitations for my own wedding.  Aren't these so cute?!  I got them at Target on sale.

Plus, they came with these little cards that were meant to be reply cards [since these invites are meant to be for a wedding] but I already have a plan for these little cuties.

I love print your own invitations.  They come out so cute and you can't beat getting 50 invitations for $20!


  1. VERY CUTE and CLEVER! _joanne

  2. I love the invites, and your rhyme is really cute!! If you still want to glitz it up a bit, you could put a little bit of pink glitter glue on Cindy Lou's shirt as 'shadow' and red along the red wave. A tiny tiny bit would add a little pop. I don't know how many people you are inviting, so a tiny bit of glitter might still be a task, but if you had the time it might be cute.

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