Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enjoying the Festivities

Just because it doesn't feel like Christmas to me doesn't mean my little Boo Bear isn't enjoying all that the holiday has to offer.  I have done my best to do lots of fun things with her and even start some traditions that we will hold on to for many years, but she is just a baby so I am pretty limited to the amount of activities we can do together.  [I can happily report that my hubby has recieved all of my Christmas boxes and enjoyed the crafts we did together; hand wreath, reindeer, and ornament we made for him].

So, here are Boo Bears Christmas favorites [or the things I have enjoyed with her].  Seeing Santa is of course a tradition.  The only stinky part was she had a fever this day and she wasn't in the mood.  I wasn't up for paying $15 for one picture so this is the best shot I got. 

She didn't enjoy this as much as I did but this was Boo's first time Christmas shopping.

We watched some Christmas favorites... Elf, the Chipmunks, and her favorite [along with her daddy's], the Grinch.  She actually sat through the beginning of this movie and intently watched. 

She shook the presents, but actually, she was more interested in ripping off the shiny bows. 

And Boo Bear even opened her very first gift.  Since we won't be seeing cousin Krista for Christmas or Christmas Eve [sad face], the three of us exchanged gifts yesterday.  At first she was unsure but then she got the hang of it.....
 and she got this really cute cat that runs away from her hehe.  Thanks Krista! 

We only have a few more days left before Christmas [gasp] and I know the two of us will make more memories together.  I just can't wait until she is old enough to fully participate in all the crafting, baking, and festivities!


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