Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 10 Months

It hardly seems like a month has already passed. That 30 days have already gone by since I last took this precious little girl's picture and was telling you all about her.  But yes, today is my Boo Bear's 10 month birthday. 

She is growing up really fast and she thinks she is such a big girl now.  It amazes me how independent she is and how much she needs her "me" time as I like to say.  She can be in her room with Barney and her toys for hours without wanting to be bothered.

And when I peek in on her every so often I just see her playing all by herself.  She flips through her books, studies the details in every toy, pushes her toy box around, and sometimes she is peacefully laying and watching her video.  

Yup, little Miss Independent!  She has always been that way.  Her favorite game to play is peek a boo and she loves it when I crawl with her around the house.  My little girly girl who squeals when she walks from one piece of furniture to the next and is always standing on her tippy toes.

But don't let the pink and the bow fool you because she has her daddy's adventurous side.  She is now walking from here to there.  She fearlessly gets down from the couch or bed turning her little tushy around and slowly wiggles her feet over the edge until the touch the floor.  And she will climb anything she can!

My little adventurer who is growing so fast.  Each day she learns something new and studies anything and everything that catches her interest.

Over and over she will touch every little detail that she can.

She is my happy little baby who has the sweetest little smile and most darling laugh.  Except of course when she is throwing a fit.

But even still I love this crazy girl more than I can even express.  It is an honor to be your mommy my precious little Boo Boo.


  1. time definitely passes too quickly, its scary. Hope you are all doing well. Happy Holidays.

  2. So many sweet memories you have documented. She is precious!

  3. 10 months has gone by in a flash...literally. I love how photogenic she is, beautiful girl :). She has the best Mommy.

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